Feeling Like Charlie Brown

Dearly Beloved is getting anxious about the lack of Christmas decorations around here.  Only my Rudolph nose, thanks to a case of the sniffles.

Well, it’s not totally stark;  there are a couple of poinsettias and an undecorated, artificial tree which looks fine as long as you’re standing outside.  (Ooooh, I do love pre-lit trees.)

Our trip to Indianapolis last week has made the dearth of decorations around here even more obvious.  We broke up our trip by spending the night in Charleston, WV,  at the Brass Pineapple Inn, a fine old historic home where anything that doesn’t move is bedecked in Victorian splendor.

Big Tree #1 and Dickens Village, toddler trees in Dining Room
Big Tree #2 with Tiny Tim tree in fireplace.

There were small trees in the rooms and the halls and any surfaces without room for a tree, had garlands and wreaths.

Decked hall.

Then there was Indianapolis, where Daughter Boo’s Christmas decorating creativity had kicked into  overdrive this year.

Dining room tree.
Family room tree.

And, of course…

The kitchen tree.

Okay, all that is beautiful, but what goes up must come down.  It was Boo’s outside tree that really inspired me.

Ice stars.

Genius!  She used molds to make ice ornaments.  A bundt pan made an ice wreath.  There was plenty of freezer space–the great outdoors!

I’ll just have to figure out how to adapt it to North Carolina weather and  an inside tree.   Unless you have a better idea, here’s my current thought:

I can decorate it with dog biscuits and let Miss Piggy be in charge of un-decorating.

Decorated dog.

You can tell by the belly that she’d be up for the job.

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!


7 thoughts on “Feeling Like Charlie Brown

  1. Lady, put down the Pottery Barn catalogue! STAT! OMG. I am so sorry! I would have been totally stressed out if I saw all these holiday decor overdrive!

    I like your solution: Movable holiday decor that makes sound. Genius!

  2. Jincey

    Miss Piggy looks almost svelte in her sweater. She will love your undecorating idea, but you may have to buy her a new sweater.

  3. OMG, your daughter has THREE decorated trees?!?! And beautiful ones too, including the outside tree with molded ice.

    Love visiting historic inns at Christmas time as they’re always beautifully decorated. That hall looks a bit like ours with the oak spindles and arches. Hope you had a great time.

  4. We make icy wreaths every year and they are so pretty…especially when the light shines on them.
    My 14 year old and I were sitting on the couch together munching popcorn and drinking little bottle of cokes and I pointed out that he had not moved Mary and Joseph any closer to Baby Jesus, opened the windows on our Naivety scene card, or put the Christmas polar bear outside, “Mom decorating for Christmas is a lot of work” he responded. We bought our tree today. We both feel better ).
    These pictures are lovely–especially like how it looks like it is snowing on them!

  5. Do they make those spandex, figure carving garments for dogs? Oh what the hay, let it all hang out and be comfortable Miss Piggy.
    I am blown away by the ice stars. What a clever idea.

  6. steffiw

    Delighted to have you back in top form,love the pics and love love miss piggy in her sweater-everyone just laughs when i put my pooch in one!we have snow too!-10 so far,have never been soo cold here…

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