Last week, we left the unusually cold weather of North Carolina and headed for Indiana to see daughter Boo and her family.  Snow, winds, and brutally cold weather hit the Midwest about the same time we did.  I have been shivering for days and can say for a fact that cold weather does not freeze your butt off.

It was worth a try.  (sigh)

At the moment we’re in an inn in West Virginia and for the first time in over a week, my computer is  finally allowing me to reconnect to civilization.

When we first began our trip,  I could receive e-mails but not send them.  Then I had no internet at all.  Not that I had time to mess around with the computer.   We spent some delightful days with Boo, our son-in-law, Dude, and two grandsons.   Basketball and more basketball.   Hey–it’s an indoor sport;  I’m not complaining.   I may have bleacher butt, but at least it’s not frostbitten.

When we learned that Oldest Grandson would be playing the Postlude at their 11 AM church service, we wanted to attend.  We were totally unprepared, wardrobe-wise, but Boo assured us that we wouldn’t be conspicuous in our casual clothes because “anything goes,” as far as acceptable attire at their church.

I turned off my cellphone.  Would that Dearly Beloved had done the same with his watch, which beeped at 11:45.   It does that every day–twice a day.  The only reason I’ve ever gotten is “to aggravate you.”   In fact, he has become so accustomed to the beep that he was oblivious to the noise until he noticed people staring at him.

(Kudos to me for not standing up and announcing, “It does the same damn thing at 11:45 PM!”)

So much for “inconspicuous.”

Modestly, I must report that Grandson’s  piano solo was wonderful.   Almost the whole congregation sat still for his performance instead of leaving during that time as is customary.  By coincidence, the nurse (now retired) who tended him as a preemie in the hospital nursery sat in front of us and had tears streaming down her cheeks.   It was right off a Hallmark commercial.

His younger brother–Soccer Boy–had been drafted a few minutes before the service started to do a reading during the lighting of the Advent Candle so we got to see his performance, also.   Since I had run out to Target early (we always forget something)  I hadn’t been at the house when they left for Sunday School.  I was thrilled when he stood up to do the reading (excellently, I might add!) and I saw that he was wearing the sweater I had knitted for his October birthday.

He likes it! He really likes it!

DB leaned over and whispered in my ear that Soccer Boy had come downstairs wearing it without any prodding from anyone.  REALLY?!!   I beamed.   A young man of taste and style!

DB nodded in agreement, then added, “But his mom did make him take off the long basketball shorts he was wearing and put on long pants.”


12 thoughts on “Inconspicuous

  1. How great that you got to see your grandsons! What a cute kid Soccer Boy is–and the sweater too. Glad you’re back to blogging—it’s been dull in the blogosphere without you!

    So, you really can’t freeze your ass off? Melting it off in the Texas heat doesn’t work either. Rats.

  2. sorry about the weather. One of these trips we’ll have to meet in real life!
    Soccer Boy is clearly a young man of exceptional discernment.

  3. Thank you for letting me know that you can’t really freeze your butt off. It has been cold here in Florida (well, cold for us) and now I don’t have to go outside and test this for myself. {{{sigh of relief}}}

    Loved reading the story of your son’s nurse, what a special moment for both of you to share.

    You knitted that sweater? Wow, I am SO impressed! It looks perfect!

  4. Birdie

    Amazing sweater. Pretty amazing nurse to keep up with her preemies.
    How hard did you try to freeze your butt off? Did you try an outdoor toilet?
    You are lucky to have such adorable, athletic, talented and competent grandsons and I love reading every single story about them.

  5. A virtuoso pianist and a magnificent reader-alouder in the family. You gotta’ be proud….and even prouder at how well Soccer Boy was dressed — although I personally vote for the sweater-shorts combo.

  6. cw

    HO HO HO – ;):) So many things to love about this blog – your darling grands, the sweet preemie nurse, the piano solo, the solo reader, the wardrobe change, YOUR BUTT!! LOLOLOL…. Truly, you make things so Merry, MS MerrilyMaryLee!!! lolololol……::):):)

  7. Sounds like a lovely trip–your talented and sweet grandchildren seem to have more than made up for the lousy weather! Love Hallmark moments!

    PS–Next time stand up and make your announcement–every wife in the place will applaud you ).

  8. Soccer Boy is a adorable….don’t show him these remarks when he’s older, he will hate you for it!!……sounds like you had fun even though you tried to freeze your butt off….I will be trying that also the end of the week as we head north to the Motherland to spend a few weeks with the girls…..or until they throw us out….Merry Christmas!!

  9. Wish I had read this post earlier. I was just outside (12 degrees) trying to freeze some of my butt off. Now I know it was all for naught.

    How wonderful it must have been to see the boys during the service.

    A cell phone rang recently at our church, just after the sermon. The priest smiled at the red-faced woman and said, “If that’s God, tell Him I appreciate the feedback.” I strongly suspect that DB is not really trying to annoy you. He inadvertently set the alarm and he’s too ashamed to admit he doesn’t know how to turn it off. See if you can find the instructions for him.

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