Define Okay

Time to get back to blogging.   Friends have been wondering.

My Memphis  friend, Dirtworm, gardener extraordinaire,  e-mailed this evening  to check on me:

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a very cold winter this year.

It must be true because the squirrels are gathering nuts in record numbers.
Three of my friends have already disappeared.

Are you okay?


13 thoughts on “Define Okay

  1. LOL. Please send my best regards to your brilliant friend! 🙂 Absolutely LOVE this.

    Yes, are you ok? Esp. considering your previous vendetta with the squirrels. This may also explain why they keep on coming back to your house! 😉

  2. Our squirrels have been hiding away nuts since mid summer, which is kind of frightening. And we had our first snow in Kinston NC Saturday night… hasn’t snowed in December in Kinston since 1958. I’m not sure, yet, if I’m okay.

  3. Nothing wrong with being a little nutz….I prefer it…as for “our” squirrel….He has taken up residence on our front porch..He has a vendetta because he’s the one with the pellet gun wound on his side so we can track his comings and goings….we were wondering why the paint all of a sudden was wearing off the top step….the little….”b…..d” has been eating it…I’m tempted to put arsenic down but knowing this guy he would like the taste and keep coming back for more….

  4. Oh NO! I am missing a few friends…you don’t suppose????? I am really going to have to keep a close out on those days I just “feel like a nut!”

  5. Well, I haven’t been around much lately either so I didn’t notice you hadn’t been posting! lol I think I finally have all of my Christmas “to do” list done so I’ll now have more time for blogging again. It was -2F when I got up this morning so I think our squirrels have frozen nuts by now! hehe xoxo

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