Not the Average Day at the Beach!

Today I meant to be down at the Intercoastal Waterway near the Coast Guard Station for the beginning of the awesome PPD Beach2Battleship Triathlon.  The participants left their hotels at 5 AM, an hour when I was still snuggled under a down coverlet.  About the time they jumped into the water, I was pouring my first cup of coffee.

It is, at this moment, 45 degrees. and the waters of the channel course are about 20 degrees warmer.  The participants will  swim 2.4 miles to the place where they will shed their wetsuits and grab their bikes–racked and waiting– for the second phase: a 112-mile bicycle ride on the back roads of coastal Carolina.

How many people can possibly be interested in participating in something this grueling?  The sponsors have to limit it to 800 athletes… who have paid several hundred dollars for the privilege!

The third transition takes place at the historic Battleship North Carolina where will leave their bicycles to run a 13.1 mile loop to complete the race.

What could possibly entice people to punish their bodies in this Ironman event?  It certainly isn’t the prize money.  I think the top prize is $1,000, probably not enough to recoup their expenses.   Wherever the spot is that they reach inside themselves to try something like this, mine is full of Snickers bars and a list of books I want to read.

If you’re thinking only “young folks,” guess again.  The oldest participant I saw on the list was a 70-year-old woman from Naples, Florida.  A surprising number are in their 50’s and 60’s.

There is also a half triathlon for faint of heart.  That one is only a combined total of 70 or so miles.

The event is called the PPD Beach2Battleship triathlon.  This link has a short video to give you an idea and that’s the only picture you will get.  Click on it just for the opening sounds–guaranteed to get your heart going.

As they will be finishing well into the night, temporary lights have been installed along the course, along with food, drink, energy tablets, and “special needs” stations.  Don’t even think about what goes on there.

Again I apologize for the lack of photos.  Hey! they do this every year.  Feel free to come take your own next time.  I was at the beach taking pictures yesterday… just one day early!


11 thoughts on “Not the Average Day at the Beach!

  1. I’ve got a couple of friends who go in for this sort of thing…both guys in their fifties. I have enough trouble living in my body after the punishment it’s received; I WOULD HATE TO BE IN THEIRS IN TEN YEARS.

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Lovely beach shot. Isn’t it wonderful this time of year?

  2. My 44 year-old son finished his first Catalina Island to Manhattan Beach (CA) paddleboard race this last August. It was 32 miles in open ocean, on his belly the whole way. He completed the race in 7 hrs., which was good for his age group.

    He obviously didn’t get this from either me or his father (my ex-husband.) A one mile walk every day is plenty for me, while sitting around being the center of attention and drinking wine would do it for the “ex.” 🙂

  3. 45 degrees??? I would think it a miracle to be able to complete any one leg of the race, but all three? I give them credit but not for me, not in my youngest, fittest day.

  4. I have friends who compete in these kinds of events and marathon’s…its impressive to someone who enjoys slow meandering walks with her pups.
    It seems a lot of my friends plan these kinds of challenges around life changes (divorce) big birthday’s. I cheer them on…at the sidelines or when they are training.
    The photo you shared–shows an activity that I would enjoy…

  5. I have friends who do iron man races all the time. I am always impressed. The husband tells me, he does it only so he can eat as much as he wants. I figure that is as good as reason as any-

    Seriously, its not something that would interest me but, I can imagine the sense of accomplishment that must be felt when finishing one of these events.

  6. Kelly Hay

    A 70 year old woman from Naples, FL competed? WOW! That’s impressive … and it makes me feel soooo lazy!

  7. Sounds like wayyyyy too much exercise for me! lol And they actually PAY to compete in this? Wow! They would have to pay ME to participate and even then I wouldn’t do it. lol Love that shot of the beach!! xoxo

  8. I am always amazed by athletes who are able to endure so much to challenge themselves mentally and physically. I never had that ambition.

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