Who (question mark)


Oh (comma)  good grief (period)   Who are you calling (question mark)

We don’t want any (exclamation point)

Are you after dollar sign (question mark)

Go away (three exclamation points)

11 thoughts on “Who (question mark)

    1. I had already looked up the # (oops–number) on 411dotcom and saw that it was a call center in Nebraska (period) While I appreciate the geographic coordinates your site supplied (comma) I probably will not make the trip (period)

  1. Confirming that you have the world’s most charismatic cell phone!

    And good glasses; I can’t become interested in my cell phone because I can’t see what the hell is on the screen. As soon as I find my glasses, the little light has gone out on the screen. When I push some buttons to try to make the light come back on, I find I’ve hung up on somebody or lost the whatever. Maybe I need to upgrade to a Droid so I can look cool while I’m fumbling.

  2. Only you. I love it.
    Whenever I see or hear the word “asterisk” I am reminded of a poem Meg Swansen recited at Knitting Camp:

    Mary had an aeroplane
    In which she liked to frisk.
    Wasn’t she a silly girl,
    Her little asterisk?

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