Fanny Called, Left a Message

I think it’s time to say a word or two about butt dialing.

When I listened to the eight messages on my cellphone, six turned out to be butt dials.  True!  I found that astonishing.

My old flip phone is bullet-proof, so I never have that problem.  If I had one of the new smart phones and sat on it,  I think it would send out an SOS.

Not that fannies are the only aggressors.  There must be 60 ways to bemuse your lover.

Once, when our phone rang at 6 AM, I answered and heard my daughter-in-law singing in the background.  She had no idea she’d phoned.  I called her name, then simply listened for several minutes before I felt guilty about eavesdropping and ended the unintentional call.  She was on her way to her job as a school administrator.  That little peek into her world… the fact that she could, at such an early hour, face the challenges of the day ahead and still begin it in song, put me in a cheery mood all day.

Dearly Beloved, still learning the ins and outs of his new iPhone, has butt dialed me twice.  I couldn’t figure out what was happening because I could hear him talking to someone else.  If his bottom has already learned conference calling, I AM impressed!

This week we’ve been receiving so many political robo-calls that even butt calls might be less annoying.  Or maybe they’re the same thing.  The robo-calls that are in the middle of a cycle when I answer irk me the most because I have to listen longer.  I like to know who I’m hanging up on.

Maybe butt-dialed calls aren’t that big a deal… but if I start getting Tush Texts, I want to be taken off Speed Dial!


Remember that Tuesday is Election Day, so get off  YOURS and GO VOTE!!!


14 thoughts on “Fanny Called, Left a Message

  1. I am a constant victim of this as i have an alphabetically early name!
    Also fanny is a particularly childish word used to mean women’s genitals in the UK, and so whenever i see the word it makes me chuckle!

  2. Oh….too funny. This made my evening. I “butt” dial my mom all the time….I-Phones are tricky. Could give new meaning to “can you hear me now?”

  3. You are hilarious! I am butt called regularly. With a first name starting with, A, I’m just at the top of everyone’s call list. Oh well. Sometimes you overhear very interesting conversations when this happens…

  4. That is too funny… especially the possibilty of tush tests. You’re much kinder than I am re robo-calls, I just hang up the minute I hear that’s what it is.

  5. Very funny. Either my friends and family are more careful or I’m not on anyone’s contact list. I’ve never gotten a butt call. I’ve never understood why they are called butt calls. I don’t know anyone who carries the phone in his/her back pocket.

  6. I’m feeling a bit hurt that I have never been butt called.
    Hum, maybe some of those robo calls I hang up on immediately are actually butt calls. Maybe I won’t be so rude next time so I can join the club.

  7. I got butt dialed recently by a woman who stopped speaking to me years years ago. It was so tempting to call her later and say that it was nice to know her butt was still speaking to me even if she wasn’t. Mainly, I’m amazed that she still has me in her contacts! She always was lazy.

  8. My DH just bought me a new cell phone. I requested the cheapest, plainest one possible. He brought me an IPhone. Now my phone is way smarter than I am…… depressing. Michele

  9. Julie

    Tell DB there is a way to lock his iPhone so that it won’t butt call. He’ll have to type in a 4 digit code before it will do anything, but it keeps from annoying people on your contact list. I know. My kids made me lock my phone. Seems that it frequently made calls from my pocketbook. I guess there is a name for that, but I’m not that clever. :o)

  10. My son lost his phone. But then he butt-dialed his phone and voila! mystery solved: it’s at the bottom of his backpack! He did not have to die! Hurray!

    LOL @ the name. Witty. 🙂

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