Sharing My Snickers With You

When I made a pit stop in a small town Saturday morning, I couldn’t resist eavesdropping on a nearby conversation as I waited for my take-out order.  A  young man and woman were having a friendly, but spirited discussion.

The woman said that children in her town were going Trick or Treating on Saturday.

The young man asked, “Why?  Halloween is on Sunday.”

She answered with great certainty, “People in my town will NOT Trick or Treat on the Lord’s Day.   It’s a Southern Baptist town and most people there think that Halloween is un-Christian.”

He barely missed a beat before responding, “Oh YEAH?  Well, what do they think about HALLOW-lujah?”


14 thoughts on “Sharing My Snickers With You

  1. cw

    LOLOLOLOL….. hallow lujah!! PERFECT!!!:)LOLO……. oh my gawd, please save us from righteous idjits!!lololololol…… love it!!:):)

  2. Our local churches sponsor a “Hallelujah Night” on Halloween every year. Kind of like a harvest festival, although the kids can wear Halloween costumes. However, they did say anyone wearing a really scary mask would be asked to leave. Would a Sharron Angle mask count?

  3. apocryphal…. mise en scene …

    but I’m glad you saw it.


    ain’t I ain’t giving any of those young heathens those mini “Three Musketeers”

  4. Lets see, when you hear something like that, is it proper to laugh out loud or do you snicker into your shoulder.
    Evesdropping in public is a favorite pass time of mine. I think if they feel free to talk in front of me, they are entitled to my opinion be it a laugh or a gasp.

  5. A big LOL! There was some discussion of that around here too but they (the Southern Baptists folks) finally relented and we’ll be entertaining the kids tonite.

    1. Birdie

      OH, it is NOT a protest. It is because one can not be in two places at once. Our mountain town in NC did trick or treat last night because the kids don’t go door to door; they go business to business in one long line that snakes up the sidewalk on one side down the hill and back up on the other side–about three blocks. The streets are reserved for adult wandering.
      People go to church on Sunday night so the 6-8 pm time frame is occupied. It is commonsense, not protesting. We also don’t do the 4th on a Sunday since the Fourth is an all day affair, and people would be in church.

      Merrily, your puns are really, really getting to me.

      1. The 4th of July fell on a Sunday this year, but our town just postponed the parade and festivities until 1:00 pm. But then again, there are more Lutherans than any other denomination here; meaning little or no night time church going. Except for potluck dinners.

      2. Ah yes, the ol’ Lutheran potlucks. “Hotdish” and jello salad. 🙂

        A pastor friend said she attended a “Trunk or Treat” that drew 250 at a nearby Lutheran church–just like the Southern Baptists!

  6. Halloween

    The night is dark
    and the goblins are out,
    and the witches and black cats
    are prowling about.

    And costumed creatures
    the strangest I’ve seen,
    are knocking on doors
    ’cause tonight’s Halloween!

    Happy Halloween dear Merrily!! Love that joke! lol xoxo

  7. I’ll bet the woman didn’t see the humor! Interestingly enough, in our village in WI trick-or-treat was always 1-4 PM on the Sunday preceding Halloween.

    Here, our town would definitely be considered a “Southern Baptist Town” but the churches celebrate Halloween. In fact, many of them have “trunk-or-treat” in the church parking lots. The kids go from car to car for their treats.

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