Mummy Dearest

Our oldest daughter, Boo, says that she has fewer Halloween decorations this year.  It had to do with the field mouse she found in one of the boxes of decorations.  She tossed mouse, box,  and whatever was in it.   She is a Halloween decorating fiend, so I hate to show you less than her full output, but my computer is on the fritz and I’m tiptoeing about Dearly Beloved’s computer to do this.

Boo’s decorating frenzy began 10 years ago with Baby Elvis.  You may remember this picture.   Last year, when Elvis was 11, he became a CEREAL KILLER, getting to eat those pricey little boxes of cereal for art’s sake. Because he’s completely in character, there are no smiles.  Serial killers don’t smile.


No smiles from his three-headed brother either.  I never asked, but wondered if he got three times the loot on his Trick or Treat rounds.

I don’t know what their costumes will be this year, but Boo recently sent pictures of some of the Halloween decorations she has set out this year.  Here’s a peek:

Vel-l-l-l-l-come... enter through the back door and hang around in the kitchen for awhile. Any branch is okay.



12 thoughts on “Mummy Dearest

  1. cw

    Well, now we know how Boo got her name!:) Love the 3headed dude:) – so cute!:) Would so love to meet your Boo – she’s definitely my kinda gal!:):)

  2. Love it!! Being a person that hangs 54 witches for her annual Halloween open house along with a plethora of other decorations I applaud Boo and her creative efforts with one small exception…the dead mouse placed with decorum could certainly have added a certain edginess to the whole atmosphere..just saying…I might steal th mummy pumpkin idea!
    And in the spirit of Halloween: Why is a ghost such a messy eater?
    ………………………………………………………………………………Because he is always a goblin…♥

  3. My daughter does this, too…this extraordinary effort that takes six weeks to put together, covers every nook and cranny of her house, and takes another six weeks to break down and store. She has three kids, a job, is going to school, and hasn’t got time to cook, but she can create unbelievable spook decorations using an empty gallon milk container and a highlighter. And WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?!! I ask you!

    There’s more creativity in her Halloween party than she put into her entire undergrad and grad degrees combined. Last year, she was Marilyn. A wig wouldn’t do, so she actually had her hair dyed platinum.

    There are many things about our kids’ generation that I don’t grok–iPhones being one and tattoos, another– but the Halloween as Number One American National Holiday? Well…now that I think about it, maybe I do get it, after all, but I don’t have to approve. Bah. Humbug. Eek.

  4. I’m still giggling at the “cereal killer”! lol All of the costumes are pure genius and ooooh I love how your daughter decorates for Halloween. Everything looks “spooktacular”:-) I especially love the apothecary jars filled with skulls and such. What a shame a mouse got into one of her storage boxes, hope he choked on one of the decorations!!! lol xoxo

  5. Love it! So glad that someone else is really into halloween. My soccer boy was born in oct. so he has alwasy been way into the whole scary and decorating thing. Most birthday parties were halloween parties.

    new here

  6. Wow! Boo does honor to her namesake! I love that tree thingy in the kitchen. And the skulls in the glass jars are very creative also. I bet Pottery Barns did not realize their glass jars can also be used this way. LOL.

    I love the idea of the Cereal Killer. Smart kid!

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