Some of my favorite people are knitters and since they peek at my blog from time to time, I’m reluctant to post pictures or even write about anything I knit.  For one thing, there wouldn’t be very many pictures of finished projects.  My knitting is a lot like my weight– I’ve lost the same ten pounds a thousand times and I’ve knitted enough to reach your house– wherever you live– then had to rip it all out again because of mistakes.

My name is Merrilymarylee and I am a knitfomaniac.

When it comes to knitting, I am an absolute lunatic.  I knit on car trips… while visiting friends or relatives…  during hair cuts, and in the movies in the dark, before the feature starts.  I even knit in bed sometimes.  Never have I done so much for so long and accomplished so little.

(Muggers, be warned:  I am usually armed with knitting needles and I’m not afraid to use them.)

Now that cardigans are back in, I wished desperately to be cardigan-competent so that I could knit one for all the guys in my family.  My first effort was short-lived.  I knitted one last year for Elmo, who insisted on buttoning it over and over.  The button band tore quickly.

Last month I tried again– yet another one for Elmo, because he’s the smallest. Less to rip out when I screwed up something.

I chose a chest size that I thought sounded right, realizing after I was well into the sweater that the size I’d chosen was the same as my first bra size. Not impressive for a schoolgirl, but awfully large for a three-year-old.

I kept knitting anyway and tried to up its appeal with basketball buttons and grosgrain ribbon lining the button band to keep the buttons and buttonholes from tearing out on this one.

Last weekend I presented it to the little chap at the Elmo’s 4 and Grandad’s More birthday party he shared with Dearly Beloved.  He wore the sweater until bedtime.

The next morning, he donned it again– over his soccer uniform.

Although we were all close by, he wanted no assistance with the buttons.  Some things a fellow has to do for himself.

Ta DAH!!!

You think he looks pleased and proud?  You should have seen ME!!

15 thoughts on “Knitfomania

  1. Birdie

    totally perfect. I am in awe of your persistence! and Elmo thinks you just magically create these things.

  2. The love, the time, the stitch, the detail all knitted together made the perfect sweater. No wonder your grandson does not want to take it off. . .now his grandfather needs a matching one….)

  3. cw

    OMG, GrandMary, you ROCK!! That sweater is fantabulous – and that little guy – well, gosh darn, you need to make a doll of him so you can carry it around and squish it 24/7 !! Can’t wait to see the pic of DB’s version!:)

  4. Sunflowerdiva

    What a great sweater–and Elmo just looks so happy! Knitting is so much fun, but all I’ve ever been able to make is a scarf. I’ve made two of them, one for me and one for my mom. I watch my friends knit hats and socks and go, “Holey moley–how ever do you do that?!”

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