Mountain Garden

When I visited my friend Birdie several weeks ago, one of her friends invited us over to tour his lovely garden.  I assembled some of the photos to share with you, but forgot to actually PUBLISH until now.  Arrrggghhh!

Even though I’ve delayed until the leaves and the temperatures are now falling here,  I hope you’ll still be able to imagine what a wonderful treat it was that week to leave our upper 90’s temperatures behind and spend a few days in an area almost 20 degrees cooler.  My drives are usually to the beach, so heading west to the incredible Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina was truly delightful.  It’s amazing what volcanoes and millions of years can do to a place.

Some of these photos are Birdie’s.  (Thanks, Girlfriend.)

Imagine the rustle of the leaves, the tinkle of the wind chimes.

13 thoughts on “Mountain Garden

  1. Birdie

    ACTUALLY, I think glaciers had much more to do with the uniqueness of our mountains. The glaciers wiped out all of the flora below a certain elevation. Here in our certified rain forest, we have plants most closely related to those in the mountains of Japan; both areas were above the glaciers.
    Sadly, no photos can show what a unique spot my neighbor has made in basically a flood plain–but we tried.

  2. Sunflowerdiva

    This garden looks so peaceful. I’m envious of people who have their own gardens–especially ones that look like this! This is a perfect little forest haven, in my opinion. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. one of you takes some beautiful photos..guess your not telling who took what…so in my mind I am thinking you need to show more of the photos you take…I really like these..
    What are the two weird wood ball thingies in the last photo?

  4. Now I could spend time there though possibly not on that bench. As delightful as it looks, pretty sure it is more for looks than comfort. Regardless, I’d love one of my own.

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