What Th’ HILL???

When I went to the North Carolina mountains recently, I went by way of South Carolina.  I wasn’t lost; that’s the way the Driving Directions took me.

Coming back, I stopped in a SC town for a double fill-up:  the car and my stomach, plus the requisite bathroom visit.  I filled the gas tank first and looked around for someplace to eat.  Alas, all the fast food places were to my left which would mean crossing four lanes of speeding traffic, so I decided to eat at the barbecue joint attached to the back of the gas station.

Don’t bother; I’ve already gotten a horrified lecture from Dearly Beloved, thank you very much.

While I’m in confession mode, here’s something else:  In my haste to get to a bathroom, I somehow managed to close the door to my gas tank without putting the cap back on, so it must have dangled by its little pigtail coil like toilet paper stuck to a shoe heel, until it finally snapped off somewhere along  I-85.

I didn’t realize it even after the Check Engine light came on, an expensive error on my part, since replacing it a few days later cost $85.  They had to test all the other things a Check Engine light could mean, the Service Representative said.

At least the barbecue was good.

My friend Birdie, also horrified at my service station restaurant choice, sent pictures of a more popular and … um… upscale…  establishment  she recently visited.  They even have a website to show their history and how they have been visited by the likes of Newt Gingrich and a string of other Republican politicians and found their way into the Congressional Record.

I’m passing her photos along, in case you ever find yourself traveling through the mountains of North Georgia with an urge to eat barbecue and leave your name on a pig placard stuck on a hillside.

As I don’t have music on my blog,  please hum Dueling Banjos as you scroll…!



10 thoughts on “What Th’ HILL???

  1. Ack! That hill looks like a cemetery for all the pigs who gave their lives for Col. Poole and his restaurant. I’m not much of a meat eater and I especially draw the line at pork because pigs are so intelligent. Can the same be said about Newt? 🙂

  2. Sometimes those unlikely places can produce great food. There was a steak house in Florida that if you didn’t know where to look, you would drive right by. Fork tender steak.
    I probably would have tried the gas station BBQ.
    When I worked on the turnpike, many times a day my job was to stop cars while I leaned out of the booth and replaced the gas cap. Very common and biggest offenders were men.

  3. Actually, some of these hole in the wall places are supposed to have the BEST FOOD EVA’! Esp. according to Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

  4. sharon

    Just catching up! Don’t ever pass up gas station food. On our road trips, usually to the beach (Gulf Coast) MNO has to stop numerous times. On Hwy 45S from Tupelo to Mobile there is plenty of opportunity for road bird (fried chicken). It is so p.c.! Now called locavore. West Point Fast Break, Scooba BP, Buckatoona Chevron. More, but if I told you I’d have to kill you.

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