Repetitive Motion

We went to two soccer games Saturday morning as part of Dearly Beloved’s birthday bash weekend:  soccer immersion.  We loved it.  Good Egg Son and Daughter-in-Law came down from Virginia to share in the birthday festivities, so they went to the games, too.

DB (Gwandad) and youngest grandson Elmo have birthdays in the same week, so it was a joint celebration.

Elmo played in the first game.  Guess which one is Mister Newly-Four-And-I-Dressed-Myself.

His inimitable style was, nevertheless, imitated.  I thought this cute little girl in the 8-year-old group made quite a fashion statement.

My slow-shutter-speed doesn’t allow for action shots, so this scene was pure accident.  I like the similar movements of the opposing teams.

Only one of our kids played soccer, but all five of our grandsons do, so we’re still learning the ins and outs of the game.  DB may concentrate on the strategy, but my growing expertise leans toward other areas.  Here’s what I’ve already learned:

1.  Sitting near the team mom with the oranges and Krispy Kreme donuts has benefits beyond simply meeting a nice lady.


Take a seat, please.


2. There are no bleachers at soccer games.  The pros take their own chairs.

Next time, I’ll be a pro.


7 thoughts on “Repetitive Motion

  1. Love being a soccer mom before it got all serious and hard. When they would all run with a big smiles and stomp when a goal was missed. When they were all little and cute like your 1111 year old!

  2. Happy birthdays to your beloved boys!

    When my daughter was almost four, she wanted to play soccer, so we found a team for her. When the ball was in play, she’d stand still and yell a lot and tell everybody else what to do. I commented at the time that she would make a fabulous cheerleader some day. And so she did.

  3. Just priceless shots. Soooooo cute. I loved the fashion statements the two kids made. Do you think they might be soul mates–albeit she is in the cougar catagory?
    Happy Birthday to the two fellows.

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