Bolts. . . and Nuts!

This morning Miss Piggy had the 8 AM vet appointment, so we were out early.  When I drove through the back gate on our return,  there was a frantic flapping of wings just in front of my car as a hawk aborted his dive at the sound of my engine.  A chattering squirrel dashed wildly up the oak tree.

I had blundered into an abduction that would not have ended well for the squirrel.  It ran from the bird feeder area which is open, with no place to hide.  My intervention, entirely inadvertent, had distracted the hawk, giving  the squirrel enough time to reach the safety of the oak tree.  Probably better that way.  Had I had time to mull it over. . . well, never mind.

This evening, Dearly Beloved was manning the grill on the deck.  Because of the way our yard slopes, our deck is second story–not that much fun for taking out the garbage, but delightful  for surveying the neighborhood.  DB was doing exactly that when a squirrel suddenly appeared by the grill and dropped a nut at his feet.  Not an acorn–our yard is inundated with those.   This nut:


Still wet with squirrel slobber.


We have no idea where the nearest pecan tree is, certainly not in any of the nearby yards.  Furthermore, we’ve never seen a squirrel on the deck before.

Definitely weird.

Two possibilities come to mind.  Was it a gift of gratitude for the accidental rescue?   Or did he know that tomorrow is Dearly Beloved’s birthday?  Just when I think I have them figured out, the damnsquirrels do something like this.  Truce?

I’m not discounting the gift of the hawk, either.  It afforded a far more effective teaching moment than Dearly Beloved ‘s broom tosses.  Perhaps the tree rats will hereafter declare the bird feeder OFF LIMITS.

At any rate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dearly Beloved!

I’m still nuts about you.

13 thoughts on “Bolts. . . and Nuts!

  1. That squirrel really knows how lucky he was, being rescued from the hawk.

    I was sitting quietly on my front porch last year, totally absorbed in my latest book when I felt something different in my surroundings. I looked up just in time to see a hawk swoopdown and pick up one of the several doves poking around under the bird feeder in our dogwood. The hawk took that dove up to the top of the dogwood and then the feathers started flying as the hawk proceeded to strip and eat the dove… all in a matter of seconds.

  2. Birdie

    a very happy day and weekend to the DB! and to all the other October birthdays near and far. May the great pumpkin not appear this weekend.

  3. Happy Birth Day DB.

    Hope the squirrel brings at least enough for a pecan pie.
    I definitely believe he was showing his appreciation for all you do and for all you have been unable to do.
    There may be hope for the Middle East yet.

  4. Tell me it ain’t so! Please don’t fall for that old trick. The damnsquirrel really knows when to push the sympathy button, doesn’t he? It’s a ploy. I repeat…he is NOT sincere.

    Happy Birthday to DB!

    BTW, why did the damnsquirrel give HIM the gift when you are the one who saved his skin?

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