Will She Make Them Toast?

Few things make one appreciate a morning of sunlight and a cloudless sky like a week with two feet of rain.  Hello Sunshine!

As icing on the cake, I just read that Nathalie Dupree, cookbook author and chef extraordinaire, is running for Congress against Jim (We Don’t Need No Stinking Progress) DeMint and Alvin (Pornography Charges Pending) Greene. This is going to be good.

It isn’t hard to figure out why she has jumped into the race as a write-in candidate against those two. There is also another Green in the race –Green Party candidate,  Tom Clements. Judging from my extensive research–see Wikipedia–he sounds knowledgeable, which probably means he doesn’t have a chance in hell in South Carolina.   He is an environmental activist, a former US Forestry Service and Department of the Interior employee, and is considered an expert in nuclear proliferation.

But back to Nathalie, who knows her way around a lot of places besides the kitchen.  She is world traveled, has run successful businesses, and is married to non-fiction author Jack Bass.  She has hosted cooking shows on PBS, The Food Network, and the Learning Channel.

If you don’t think she’s serious, read her statement regarding her candidacy.

If she gets into hot water,  it’s to clean up a mess.  She cooks wonderful food without all the fat.  Her ideas are easy to swallow.  She’s smart, charming, articulate, authentic, and savvy.  She uses real ingredients for anything she serves up.  (Sorry about that preposition.)

Can she win?  She’s not given much of a chance.  For one thing, it’s a last-minute leap.  For another, it would require voters to write in her name on a ballot.

We’re talking South Carolina voters–the ones who elected Gov. Mark (Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina) Sanford and Lt. Gov. Mark (Feeding the Poor is Like Feeding  Strays Because They Breed) Bauer, as well as Joe (You Lie) Wilson.

RIP, Sen. Strom Thurmond. Your legacy continues.

Since I don’t live in South Carolina, I don’t have a voice in the election,  but I thought it might be fun to think of some  slogans for Nathalie.  After all, her stated goal is “to cook DeMint’s goose.” (She’s looking for a goose to use in a commercial, in case you have one in your freezer, although I don’t think a turkey would be out of line under the circumstances.)

The woman knows how to whip, beat, saute, fry, bake, roast, puree, fricassee,  stew, skin, dice. . . I mean, can she spice up a race or what?!

Nathalie CAN take the heat in the kitchen!

Go, Nathalie. . . Cream DeMint!

Okay, let’s hear your suggestions!


7 thoughts on “Will She Make Them Toast?

  1. Two of our network stations are located in SC so we get all the down and dirty (as if we don’t have enough of that around here). I loved your slogans, and I am delighted with Nathalie. She rocks! I’m going out Monday to buy a couple of her cookbooks.

  2. I couldn’t be happier! Suddenly, I go from having no choices to having two. Well, not quite true; I’d been lurking around Clements’ website approvingly and had decided that was the way to go. But I’m just so danged pleased that Nathalie has added spice to the mix!

    Thanks for being the one to give me the good news…I’m languishing out here on the West Coast, trying to conserve water and stay out of the potholes. Nobody would ever believe it, but SC looks tidy and well-managed next to Southern California. And probably much greener than when I left home Tuesday morning during that one tiny window between thunderstorms.

  3. Not living in the States I have no idea who your candidates are but we are having our own local mayoral race at the moment and all I have to say is that all politicians are idiots! lol As you can guess I’m not a fan of politicians and their lies…I mean promises. A woman politician that can also cook might be good, though! hehe xoxo

  4. Natalie needs to serve up a few good meals. There is nothing than can bring people together than good food.
    I am wishing that I was creative enough to come up with some funny food slogans for Natalie.

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