14 thoughts on “Dinner at 3

  1. Ah, how many nights I looked at my plate just like he was. However in my scene, the sun set with me still staring at the veggies and dessert never made it.
    The joy on his face is priceless.

  2. My 3 yr. old grandson has learned that the best way to foil all the cajolements, negotiations, demands, and deals of dinner is to 1)Refuse to sit down. 2)Wait until everyone else is busy eating and talking. 3)Cruise around the outer edges of the table and sneak the good bites from someone else’s plate. 4) Deny EVERYTHING. 5) Refuse to sit down.

    His parents work so hard on this newest issue, while his Pappy and I crack up and subvert their efforts. Hey, it’s fair!

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