Oui, Oui, Oui!

The only pink in our house is a golf shirt in Dearly Beloved’s closet and yes, he looks very cute in it.  (Let’s not mention his beige shorts that I washed with a cranberry shirt.)

I, on the other hand, look queasy in pink.  People are inclined to look concerned and ask how I’m feeling.

So what am I doing on Pink Saturday?  I found something pink that made me smile.

POP–plenty of pink–in a nearby consignment store, but no smiles.

One pink lampshade.
Two pink heart thingies, with ribbons
Triple play--pink chest, lamp, shade fringe

At the surf shop, a pink ocean kayak was on display.   Nope, not smile-worthy.

Nature offered pink, even in early September:  the Myrtle family is prominent in the area.

Meet the Myrtles. . . Crape

... and little Wax. Both grow well on the coast.

Now for the made-me-smile pink find.  .  . .

I hit the motherlode.

20 precious pink piggies!
I forgot to ask the mother about their sex and those yellow gingham blankets don’t offer any clues.
What do you think?  Baby girl toes or baby boy toes?


12 thoughts on “Oui, Oui, Oui!

  1. cw

    Twenty little piggies!! TWENTY!! My favorite thing to hold and kiss and talk to – all the way home!!!! Truly pretty in pink!!:):)

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