“You’re not writing another squirrel post, are you?” Dearly Beloved asked recently.

He was right.  This has gone on too long.  After all, I am the adult in this silly battle… against a rodent, for gawd’s sake!

I went to the hardware store and purchased an Audubon Society-recommended squirrel baffle for the feeder pole.

Just to make sure, I put an empty hanging basket over the only other landing site on the pole.  Tacky, but necessary, for total effectiveness.

Okay, so it LOOKS squirrely!

Finally, truly BAFFLED!!!

Gymnastic sumbitch.

Oh, hell no, not the damnsquirrel. . .


14 thoughts on “BAFFLED

    1. “Relax and enjoy”….where have I heard that before?

      Oh, yeah! In the 1990 Texas gubernatorial race against Ann Richards, Clayton Williams publicly made a joke likening rape to bad weather: “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it”.

      He lost the election, even though he started out with a 20 point lead.

      Could it have been something he said?

  1. I admire you! You are NOT a Quitter. Maybe you need a stun gun could sit out in your yard in a camouflage jacket..thinking “Ok now squirrel make my day!!” My parents got rid of the bull frogs that were drowning finches in their pond, this way. . .its a long story. Really. Anyway, take no prisoners!

  2. My hubby looked at your photos and thought that if you moved the bottom baffle up right underneath the others it might make it harder for the squirrel to jump over it so he can get to the pole. For what it’s worth….

    That truly IS one gymnastic sumbitch, that’s for sure!

  3. Do not relax! You can no more enjoy their talent than I can. You will win this one. You see…the average life span of these damnsquirrels is about 6 years. So all you have to do is outlive him. (Of course he is probably holding night classes in the trees for the younger squirrels.)

    In the words of 6-year-old Sophie, “Never give up or lose faith even if you don’t really believe.”

    So keep up the good fight. Although I do fear too many of your gentle readers are pulling for the damnsquirrels because we (I mean they) enjoy the posts so much.

  4. Birdie

    I still say: buy one of those outrageously expensive squirrel flipper things from Droll Yankee and install a webcam focused on it. Miss Piggy would love to watch that and so would all of us!
    of course, we could also watch DB hurl mop and broom handles, either one is equally amusing I am sure.

  5. Squirrels have defeated smarter more talented people than you. In fact I have never read a success story about defeating squirrels.

    They do make good eating should you choose to use a pellet gun and kill them or trap them. Squirrel murder is your only option for defeating them

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

      1. Texas, honey, I think you’ve got the right critter in the crosshairs. I checked out his site and his bona fides; he doesn’t have any. Stuff like that makes professionals mad. Uh-oh…

  6. Resistance is futile…

    p.s. I tried to photoshop some squirrel with Borg outfit for ya. Could you please just imagine the voice while you say the line? 🙂

  7. theheasmans

    Is this a bad time to say how much I miss squirrels? The most I have to contend with are swooping birds and the odd possum. Oh and lets not forget the spiders!

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