Sitting with the Supremes

The confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court set off all the usual rifts, rows, and rages we have come to expect of Congress. Here’s hoping that the Court, which constitutes one of the three co-equal branches of government, wields its powers with more wisdom and dignity than those who sought to influence it.

The New York Times recently ran an interactive test on its website for us to test where we stand on issues that have come before the court.  Take this test to see who you might have sided with on some hot-button cases.


10 thoughts on “Sitting with the Supremes

  1. Interesting to take the test as an Australian. I am a Liberal in the American Court System! I am not surprised – I am a liberal thinker in the Australian system as well. What I find interesting is the decisions that cause the most angst amongst voters world-wide are by and large the same.

    1. I’m so glad you took the test! That’s fascinating that you’ve been the most liberal one so far. You’d think that with all the screaming about America being “TOO LIBERAL!” that we’d be hanging off the left side of the charts here.

  2. I’m proud to say I agreed with Justice Stevens on 5 out of 6 cases and with Justice Thomas on only 1 (the registered handgun at home—although it was reluctantly.)

    Whew! After agreeing on that first one, I had my worries about my liberal views, but I can honestly say that there were no qualms about my choices on the other cases.

  3. I’m center, commonly voting with Kennedy. But the questions were poorly worded. Like the one about corporations being allowed to spend profits on TV ads. That wasn’t the real issue brought to the court. And I’m opposed to the death penalty in principle regardless of the crime.

    I must say I’m not at all pleased that Clarence Thomas and I agreed on anything!

  4. Check out your sophisticated new digs!! V-E-R-Y NICE! Bookmarking the test for tomorrow–my air-conditioner blew about two hours ago, so the laptop and I are overheating!

  5. Interesting poll…and I aligned slightly more with the conservatives. I’m not surprised but would have liked more wiggle room in my answers. (Love the new look!)

  6. I am LIBERAL! Are you even surprised? But when it came to penal system (the last 2 questions) I’m aligned with the conservatives…

    Glad Kagan is finally confirmed.

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