It’s All Relative

Here are some photos from my BroJoe, taken in places where he has to wear snake boots.  Not made OF snakes, but boots to keep snakes from biting him.  Mr. Outdoors used to tie magazines around his ankles because where he ventures, the cottonmouths are mean.  (That gives new meaning to the term “ankle biters,” doesn’t it!)

Our brother/sister outings take us to restaurants–definitely not to this territory:

Don't anyone say s-h-o-e-s or b-a-g until he passes.

BroJoe calls this group “The Boys’ Club.”

No boots required for taking these two:

Is this guy smiling???

Mr. Eyes

Hey, BroJoe, I take a few nature photos myself.  You think the cottonmouths are mean?   Take a look at one of the sneakiest, wiliest animals to terrorize my neck of the woods:

Sneaky Sumbitch.

10 thoughts on “It’s All Relative

  1. Great photos (yours included!) “Mr. Eyes” reminds me of Evinrude the dragonfly in “The Rescuers” movies of some 30 years ago when my daughter was little. He really does look like he’s smiling; maybe ready for his closeup?

  2. Wow, those are amazing shots! And there is NO WAY I would willingly go somewhere that I would have to consider alligators and snake bites. The Boy’s club is a beauty as are the lacy wings of Mr. Eyes – but seriously, I think Sneaky Sumbitch has a sassy expression on his face. And trust me- I live with 2 teenagers.

  3. Those gators are mean!…they will chase down a Great Dane and eat them in one bite! Or is that just a gator tail? Love the butterfly and lovely contrast in the picture!

  4. No doubt about it. You definitely have the scariest of them all. And you captured his beady-eyed scheming perfectly. If he had a middle finger I’m sure he would have sat up and saluted you.

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