Sure It’s not BATGIRL?

So you’ve watched the TV news this week and found it all “phews,” so batshit-crazy that you sent your television to Bristol and Levi as an engagement present…?

And your ears are starting to bleed because you’ve heard more of Mel Gibson’s foul rants than the Ex- has…?

Is that why you’re moaning, Mona?

And you’re thanking Mother Nature because Bristol and Levi’s outdoor wedding in Alaska must at least be over quickly?   And the sure-to-be-shown photos of Daddy Levi and  Baby Tripp in their matching camo wedding duds will replace the Blurry -Naked -Levi Playgirl one that hurts your eyes… is that your hankering, Hannah?

And you’ve seen Lindsay Lohan’s painted-for-da-judge middle  F*ck you fingernail so often you’ve built that bird a nest?  And hope her new attorney, Robert Shapiro, will say she should shove it…  in a glove?   Is that what you’re going for, Gladys?

Will anyone watch Aaron Sorkin’s movie based on Andrew Young’s book about Rielle, Johnny, the sex tapes, and the lawsuit unless assured that doing so could somehow halt Global Warming?  Is that what you’re wondering, Wanda?

It’s been quite a week with the nuts and the creeps, so if those nitbrains have gotten you down, Dawn…

Here, thanks to my dear husband who found this, is news* to make you smile.

*See comments.


9 thoughts on “Sure It’s not BATGIRL?

  1. I do, too! Dearly Beloved found it and sent it to all his girls–our daughters, daughter-in-law and me. THEN, after posting this, I learned that it isn’t true. DB was unphased. He said, “So it didn’t happen. I believe it could. ”

  2. It just goes to show that women can do anything…that is amazing…I loved the looks on the guys faces…priceless…and The Boss has found a way not to hear all the news nonsense…he watches t.v with the sound off…for a whole day I thought I went deaf until I realized what he was doing….He loves to shut it off when Nancy Pelosi is on…..

  3. I can’t get the video to work. But I am grateful I can still check my emails! Should I be thankful then that I am kind of cut off from civilization this week when “civilization” has not been too civil?!

  4. Only in my dreams is that Bristol/Levi wedding going to be over quickly. My hope is that they have signed to do a reality show and the show will prevent networks from airing any videos.

    BTW: This bleeding heart liberal is with TB. I’m also sick of Nancy and Harry.

    So sad the video is fake. It’s fun to watch anyway. I love DB’s take on this one.

  5. The only good thing about the news? is that it really makes our families appear amazingly well adjusted and normal.
    If that girl were real, the Yankees would have all ready signed her. Too funny, wonderful take and a great ad. Too bad Gatorade pulled it.

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