What’s Your Sign?

As I’ve mentioned before, Dearly Beloved and I appreciate fine dining, but we also enjoy good eats at places that can be called restaurants only by the broadest of definitions.  DB loves the places where garlic seeps from the walls while I am totally into Eau de French Fry grease.

If the Health Department says they’re okay, that’s good enough for us.

They don’t advertise.

Or promise much.

Yes, they call us Locals. . .

But I’m afraid we can’t call them good spellers.

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Sign?

  1. You haven’t inquired into their political leanings, I imagine, but there’s one group that’s KNOWN for their misspellings.

    Me, I’m more a garlic girl. It’s s’posed to ward off evil spirits and werewolves.

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