Hey, Have You Heard…

They’re not making pencils any longer.

Nope.  They’re long enough already.

The grandsons have passed along their repertoire of jokes and riddles and Granddad is almost hoarse from laughing.  After the little chaps exhausted Dearly Beloved in the pool, out on the golf course in the 97 degree heat, with chatter, or by climbing on him, they got to watch cartoons on TV to allow the big guy  a little time to catch his second wind.

Watching TV is something the boys rarely do at home.  Although I’m sure it’s because their parents encourage more creative activities, I immediately saw an additional reason:  SRON… the Sibling Rule of Nature which says brothers cannot agree on any selection.   Easier to inspire Congress to compromise on an immigration bill than to get two brothers to agree on a pizza topping.  Cartoon compromise?  It ain’t gonna happen!

Yesterday, after they couldn’t agree on a channel, Dearly Beloved said that he’d watch something on his computer with them.  Solomon-like, he took them aside, one at the time, and asked them to tell him three things they’d like to watch, suggesting that one inclusion be something he thought his brother  might also enjoy, and he wrote them on a pad.  A teaching moment, perhaps?

List 1                                                                          List 2

  • Wipeout                                                        Batman
  • Downfall                                                        Garfield
  • Basketball shots                                            Super hero

Nope.  Looks like Congress is still in session.  That meant that Granddad got to decide.

He’d choose something of educational value, right?


He selected fishing bloopers with Bill Dance.  If you’re not familiar with Dance’s fishing show, proceed cautiously. I think it’s a guy thing.  See how long you can watch before you scream for a net. If you make it to the end, there are a zillion more on the internet.  Does Dance do these things deliberately or is he an absolute klutz?

The other thing that appears to be of limitless supply is a new-to-us TV cartoon series on the Disney channel.  It seemed to be the only one that had a prayer of being enjoyed by both.  Luckily, Disney must crank out Phineas and Ferb cartoons 24 hours a day.  I’d never seen it before, but after this week, if I’m ever on Jeopardy and it’s one of the categories, I’d have a real shot at acing it.

What did one potato chip say to the other?

Want to go for a dip?


10 thoughts on “Hey, Have You Heard…

  1. Birdie

    Obviously you are suffering from an excess of male thinking. Come on over, Merrily, and we will shop and knit and eat and sip wine–no cartoons alllowed.
    Those grandsons are too precious by far! You and DB are so lucky to be able to enjoy them to the fullest. What wonderful memories you are making for them, well maybe not the fishing show so much.

  2. Oh! You crack me up! For a second (until my slow weekend brain could actually register) I was actually sitting here stunned, thinking they really weren’t going to make pencils any MORE. You/your grandchildren/your DB are too funny! And here’s to Phineas and Ferb – they afford me time to blog.

  3. Yup here I am crying hysterically again! LOL Omigod but that video is funny, is that guy for real???!!!! I hope he has good life insurance with the show! The part where he hooks himself in the nose with the lure, well I couldn’t even breathe anymore from laughing so much. I really needed this today, thank you:-)

    Your grandsons are just adorable and no doubt love spending time with you and your hubby. Having two brothers agreeing on one thing, though…can you say mission impossible? hehe

    Ok, now I have to go wash my face, I’m sure I have mascara running right down to my chin! xoxo

  4. So glad we only have one grandchild to keep happy….The Boss will say to Miss B…..Do you want to watch Tom and Jerry…..and B…adoring her grandpa…gives him an “Okay”…..and although the child is from Jersey she manages to say Okay just like the pregnant cop lady in Fargo….

  5. I have seen Mr. Dance’s shows but not the bloopers. Edited he appears the accomplished sportsman. What a guy to expose him self like that.

    I am a sucker for “Weekly Reader” type jokes.

  6. It’s always good to add to your knowledge base. Who knows when Fineas and Ferb will come up in conversation? You will be in the midst of things and I’ll be on the fringes lamenting the fact that I’ve never seen it.

  7. Thank you so much for telling me about SRON: the Sibling Rule of Nature! Now I know it’s not my fault that those boys of mine will not stop fighting each other!

    And OMG? P & F? Mr. Monk will not stop watching them. His favorite activity now is to watch P&F on YouTube, and now we are on the beach, he watches P&F nonstop! (They seem to be on all the time?)

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