DNC Coming to NC? We’ll See.

Last week, Democratic National Chairman Tim Kaine sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee announcing the four finalist cities for hosting the 2012 Democratic Convention:  Charlotte, NC,  Cleveland, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

Charlotte officials always get their undies in a wad when “NC” is tacked on to the name, so I’m sure they were mortified, but Kaine is from Virginia and he probably didn’t want any confusion with Charlottesville, VA.

I studied the list and believe it was simply a case of incorrect placement of the “NC,” since THREE of the towns are actually in North Carolina.  The announcement should have read:  NC– Charlotte, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

East of Charlotte is Cleveland, NC, a town of about 800 in Rowan County which proudly promotes itself as having evolved from indian trails and buffalo wallows.  It contains only 1.5 sq. land miles,  none of which happens to hold lodging accommodations, but the Motel 6 up the road in Statesville leaves the light on.

I don’t want to assume too much, for there is the famous Cleveland,  Georgia, where Cabbage Patch dolls are grown and nurtured until adoption.

There is also a Cleveland in Texas and another in Ohio.

Minneapolis?  Yep, it’s in the mountains of North Carolina not very far from the Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the Eastern U.S., at 6,684  feet.  I reckon that would make it easy enough to find.  Minneapolis used to have a railroad until it was moved to go through Cranberry and Montezuma instead, because of their iron and coal mines.  Minneapolis townfolk removed the rails and used the bed as the base of the Old Toe River Road.  They get points for ingenuity, but not so much for road naming.

I know, I know… there’s another Minneapolis up in Tim Pawlenty/Michelle Bachmann country, across the Mississippi River from St. Paul, where the Republican convention launched Sarah Palin and the delegates shouted  Drill, Baby, Drill.  ‘Nuff said?

Don’t, Democrats, Don’t!

St. Louis is the fourth city in the running.  Would that be the one in Missouri or Illinois? 

You may not know that the first verified gold find in the US was in Charlotte.  It happened when a 12-year-old boy found a 17-lb. rock and toted it home to use as a doorstop.  The rock turned out to be gold.

Since the NRA held their last national convention recently in Charlotte,  the city could use a left-leaning event to get itself upright again.   Vote for Charlotte, DNC.

You can take home any rocks you find.


8 thoughts on “DNC Coming to NC? We’ll See.

  1. I hope they come to Charlotte, too! I’m coming to your house and we’re going to be DNC Groupies! Be thinking what you want to wear.

    My favorite town in NC is Eden, which used to be three towns: Leaksville, Draper, and Spray (pronounced Layksvil, Drapah, and Spra-a-ah). My grandmother was Miss Draper in 1918 and my cousin was Miss Eden in something like 1978. She brought my grandmother (aged 78) with her and they honored them both when my cousin won. It was a glorious!

    Oh, and I met the second Love of My Life in Eden (there have been several; maybe an even dozen or so).

    Is there no St. Louis in NC? I missed that part.

  2. cw

    LOLOLOL…. I think you should send this in to the DNC and let them use it to promote Charlotte – the rock angle should definitely seal the deal!!!:):) Good luck – I’ll be rooting for ya!!! LOLOLOLOL….;):):)

  3. I hate to mention this, but if Charlotte is still having such hot steamy weather when the DNC reps come to visit, I think they may pass (or maybe pass out). Somehow we’ve got to get our “normal” weather back.

  4. Edie

    Cabarrus County and Concord wouldn’t be too happy with you saying that the 12 pound gold doorstop found near what is today Reed Gold Mine was found in Charlotte!

  5. Hope you get you wish and balance the city. Sure don’t want it tipping over to the right. It would be fun to see one and all the hoopla that goes with it. Plus, it would bring big dollars in.

  6. Charlotte NC is the Manliest City in the US! Of course all the Lib Dems have to congregate there!

    Mustang Sally. I don’t know why. But this is the song that’s playing in my head right now. 😉

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