Out to Lunch. Really.

Over the weekend I talked to my friend Martha and mentioned that we were grilling pork chops for dinner, a free bonus from my new favorite market after I signed up for their e-mails.  Organic produce/responsibly produced meats, senior discount for anyone admitting to being 60 or over, e-mail coupons… I love this store!  It even has a popular cafe I’ve been wanting to try.   Martha says she’ll sign up and hey, why don’t we meet there Monday… we can have a bite to eat and she can buy a few groceries and pick up her free pork chops.

Perfect!  I can run some errands myself afterwards.

Monday, 10 AM:  Martha calls.  “11:45?  Meet you at the store.”

Monday, 11:47:  Find shady parking spot near bookstore (next stop on my list of errands) and walk (exercise for today) across hot parking lot to market.  Martha not there, so settle into corner booth and read while waiting.

Monday, 12 PM:  Still no Martha.  Better call. Curses…! Left cellphone in car.

Monday, 12:10:  Ask store employee if they have more than one store.

“Oh yes.  I only know where two of them are–one out in suburbs, another in Rock Hill, South Carolina.”

Realize Martha no doubt sitting 20 minutes away in the suburban store.  Give up coveted corner booth and go back to car for cellphone.  Two messages from Dearly Beloved about Martha.  Call her husband and ask him to give her my cell number.

Monday, 12:20:  Martha calls.  Agree to meet at another shopping center midway between us.  Different organic market there–no cafe–but good deli in same shopping center.  Ten minutes away for both of us.

Monday, 12:40:  Settle into booth and order Diet Coke.  No Martha.  Hit Send to call her at unfamiliar number from which she called.  Must be new cell.  Must be new voice, too– not Martha.  Hit Send again.   Same number, same not-Martha voice.  Guess she borrowed phone.  Call her husband:  if she calls, I am in booth at deli.

Monday, 12:45:  Martha appears.  We squeal and hug, heady with success.

Monday, 1:30:   Finish lunch.  Remark that now she will have to go back to store and get her meat.

“What meat?”

“The free meat from signing up for their e-mails.”

“What e-mails?”

No need to make another lunch date yet.  Neither of us will remember.

Go into market and buy almond croissants for dessert.  Yum!  Decline free coffee in favor of free wine samples.

Monday 2 PM:  Drive north to buy–no kidding– Miss Piggy’s weight in pricey diet dogfood.  Lug dogfood, receipt, credit card, and treat from receptionist out to car.

Monday 2:20 PM:  Drive south to Lowe’s for mulch.  At counter, can’t find credit card. Cellphone begins ringing.  Ignore.  Pay with different credit card, frantically trying to recall last use of primary credit card.  AHA!  The vet!  Phone rings again.  Know who is calling… and why.  Answer–reluctantly.

Man-o-mine tells me that vet office has called to say they have credit card.  Tell him already on way back to get it.   Must have left it on counter.

“You didn’t leave it on counter.  You dropped it in the parking lot.  Someone found it and took it inside.”

Ouch! Thank goodness for honest customer.

“How about Martha?  Did you ever find her?”

Bite me.

Monday, 3:15:  Drive home.  Car thermometer says 101.  Believe it.

Google the market, curious to see how many  locations they have.  Surprised to see they have stores in five states.

E-mail Martha:  ROAD TRIP!!!!

11 thoughts on “Out to Lunch. Really.

  1. Jincey08

    Still LOL, Merrily! Your Monday sounds so much like many of my days. A test of one’s patience – and of the patience of those who’re trying to look after us. Road trip, indeed! 😉

  2. cw

    Such a good friend you are!:) And about that CC – been there, done that! Your comment to DB was perfect!! Could you hear me cheer from here??!:):) BTW, what is name of that wonderful store – want to check to see if I’m in one of the lucky five states!:)

  3. Remind me to find out WHICH shop we’re to meet at if we ever plan a meeting! hehe That was too funny but who would’ve known that they had two of these shops so near each other. And then to drop your credit card…yup, thank goodness for honest people! Last year when Steve and I were in Niagara Falls, we crossed the border into Niagara Falls, NY and went to eat at Bob Evan’s restaurant. After doing some shopping we crossed back into our side and before heading home we stopped to get gas. Came to pay for the gas…no credit card. Panic!!! Trying to remember where I last used it…Bob Evan’s on the other side!! Aaarrggghhhh! Try explaining that to the border guard, why you’re crossing again in a matter of two hours. lol xoxo

  4. Hay, people who go to a vets office are animal lovers and they are just inherently honest people. Not the least surprised.
    Still laughing however about your whole day. The only good thing is that you found out about all those other stores and it made for a terrific blog post.

  5. unabridgedgirl

    Ha! What a day! And I have dropped my card in the parking lot before as well. Luckily someone was honest and brought it back into the store. Glad your’s was recovered, too!

  6. This all falls under the catagory of “menopause”….I hate to say.
    and how were the pork chops….I just got a great recipe where you brine the things for a day before cooking then serve with a blueberry sauce…I will let you know how they turn out….only I had to buy mine…
    Have a great 4th. of July……if you can remember to celebrate!

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