The Usual Suspects Aren’t Suspected

Yes, I whine about the varmits in our garden.  The chipmunks are so fat, you’d think they’ve swallowed bedroom slippers, the rabbits have nibbled my lilies into oblivion, and the damnsquirrels have aggravated my husband to one step shy of total lunacy as he yells and contrives diabolical plots to keep them off the bird feeders.

The birds planted sunflowers in my roses and I left them alone, thinking it would be fun to watch Goldfinches floating on a giant sunflower. A couple of days ago, the sunflower was at least five feet tall.

This morning when I watered my hanging baskets, the sunflower was looking good.  A couple of hours later, I looked out the window and saw this:

What th’. . . ?

I don’t know which of the usual suspects to blame for this one.   We’re in a fenced-in yard in the middle of the city.  It’s not like a deer could wander in.

Just today, I read of a possible Bigfoot sighting a few counties away.

Should I report this?

Speaking of critters, here are more of BroJoe’s photos.


There were six (poults) babies, he said, but he couldn’t get them all in the picture.

I think my baby brother is a good nature photographer, but there is some evidence he may not HAVE good sense.

Exhibit A:

I hope that's Gentle Ben!

However, I like the picture.  It reminds me of our beloved Akita.

The late Howard Lee

Happy Father’s Day!

Don’t let the heat bug you.


10 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects Aren’t Suspected

  1. Ouch! Whoever got that, though, had to have some height. I love your comment about your husband and the squirrels. I’ve been there, done that one.

    Plus, I do have deer in my yard. Witness, yesterday afternoon when I stepped out my back door and found a deer feasting on the black raspberry bushes at the back of my yard. I assume he at the leaves, although the heat and humidity have kept me from wandering back there to check.

    He certainly wasn’t afraid of me. I gasped when I stepped out my back door. He/she just turned and looked at me, not at all concerned.

    But my personal least favorite pest is our groundhog. That’s because he likes tomatoes nearly as much as I do. I hope most of fruit this year (in containers) is too high off the ground for him/her to munch on.

    But I choose to live here because I like it here and apparently so do they. I giuess we’re going to have to learn to cohabitate. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

    I did see a tip on TV the other day, which suggested hanging bars of soap on stakes near plants. She said it would keep deer away. I haven’t tried it yet, although I probably should. The deer are tall enough to reach those tomatoes of mine — although I don’t know if deer eat them.

  2. Hee hee..Great post! I have been a bit lax on doing much online these days..compared to what I had been doing..
    Still put out some blog posts..but taking somewhat of a break.

    You always put a smile on my face when I come here..
    Hope you have a wonderful day..
    free of varmints and pests and things that eat sunflowers…on second thought..maybe you want to see those critters too.

  3. Man–I wonder what got that sunflower? Maybe a cutworm on stilts? Now that Husband has conquered the mole, he’s in hand-to-hand combat with the Japanese beetles. We’ve got traps, but I think the sheer number of them makes them a losing cause. Milk spore is next on the list I think.

  4. It was Bigfoot. Bigtime!

    Did you see the video of the guy who reported Bigfoot? I predict instantaneous cult website. We are aching for entertainment that fabulous! He and SC’s Vereen the Horselover could pool their talents and take the internets by storm.

  5. Sure hope your brother has a good zoom regarding that great bear shot.
    That sunflower is a mystery. Who ever it was preferred the tender part. Have to admire their taste.
    Whenever it comes to them or us in naturre, I always bet on them, they have more time on their paws.

  6. Oh no, the poor sunflower! If you have deer around, it may have been the culprit. I’m just finding myself so lucky that all I have to deal with are slugs and bugs that like to eat at my flowers…and I just spray them to take care of them! hehe Your brother really does take great pictures, wonderful shots, all of them. xoxo

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