Dogmatic About These?

These were on sale at the supermarket today and I was tempted to buy a bag for Miss Piggy, our chubby, timid, neurotic Cocker Spaniel, but I’d like to know more about them.

Since they were much more expensive than regular dog treats, I’m curious to know how effective they’d be.

Have you ever fed these to your dog?

Did they really have a noticeable effect on your pet’s courage?


7 thoughts on “Dogmatic About These?

  1. Haven’t seen those, but courage is not an issue here. If I could bottle a bit of Patsy’s moxie I would be happy to send some your way.

  2. My dog doesn’t have enough teeth left to tackle something like this. Right now he’s more closely related to the pillow family than he is to canines.

    If Miss Piggy ate these, would DB then have to pick up chicken s**t on their walks?

  3. steffiw

    They look tasty!send them over and i’ll try them on the kids!!our dog has too much courage already,however they look big enough to shut it up for a couple of weeks;)

  4. Who you calling Chicken? 😉

    My youngest has always been a picky eater. When he was 3, we went to a friend’s house. He ate a dog biscuit by mistake, then he asked for more. I said, “Why not? Probably more nutritious than the junk food I have been feeding him anyway.”

  5. Poor Mighty can’t have treats. I have to keep his weight down due to his repaired knees.
    As for courage, he is a tiger as long as he is inside the fence and his opponent is outside.
    Out side the fence, he was put to the ground by an old female Min Pin half his size. No more needs to be said.

  6. Our neglected dogs do not get such wonderful treats. They get Charlie Bears while being groomed and a dry Milkbone (the ones for small dogs) at night when they go to bed. They do lead such deprived lives.

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