Take Two HoHos And Call Me In the Morning

We needed a laugh yesterday and it definitely had to be an air conditioned laugh because it’s been hot as Hades around here lately, muggy enough to make our eyes water.

A movie sounded perfect to me, but not so much to the sports enthusiast who had his game watching plans all laid out.  Nevertheless,  he displayed his own sportsmanship and pulled the chariot around to the front door for me.

I chose the movie CITY ISLAND because of the good reviews I’d read, even though I didn’t know anyone who’d actually seen it.

Raising my hand here to let you know I’ve now seen it and it’s hilarious!  GO!

If you need movie cred with your spouse, drag him/her (I assume you know which it is) there.   Every time I looked over at DB  he was grinning or laughing out loud.  As he said afterwards, he had assumed it would be good, just not THAT good.

Here are two videos.  The first is the trailer for City Island.

This one has nothing to do with City Island.  It’s a dose of Monday morning giggles.  What could be cuter than a dog and a baby playing tag?

8 thoughts on “Take Two HoHos And Call Me In the Morning

  1. Omigod my cheeks hurt from laughing so much at that baby and dog video, too adorable!!! I haven’t seen or heard of City Island but after watching the trailer, I know it’s a movie I’d enjoy. I’ve always liked Andy Garcia and don’t think I’ve ever seen him act in a comedy!! Will definitely be looking for that one next time I’m at the video store. Have you seen “Old Dogs” with John Travolta and Robin Williams yet? I rented it a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely hilarious. I even went and bought the video after so that I could watch it over and over again. xoxo

  2. I’m a fan of Andy Garcia and this preview made me laugh. Thanks for an excellent recommendation. I love the baby and dog video. I have a 17 month old great nephew and he is a continual source of entertainment as he takes such delight in the simplest of things. Watching the video made me immediately think of him and the joy he expresses so readily.

  3. The baby dog video is priceless. At times it appears the baby is almost crying–sounds tired to me. And the dog, looks as though she/he thinks: “I have to entertain this baby. Wow, this is a tough job.”

  4. My nearest theater is a 3 hour round trip so I have saved it on Netflix. Thanks, always looking for a good movie.
    What a great toy for a dog. Wonder where I could find one for Mighty.

  5. Ahh. to be able to go to a movie theatre without having to pay babysitter again. I am looking forward to it. Will definitely put this movie on my queue. You had me at Alan Arkin, m’lady! 🙂

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