Not Tonight, Deer

The rabbit twins have grown much too comfortable in our back garden.  We came home recently to find both of them munching on yellow roses in my rose bed. That is the same place the chipmunks stomp around indignantly now, incredulous that yes, “SHE” pulled out every blessed one of the strawberry plants after the squirrels and chipmunks ate them all for the second straight season.

I did and I’m not sorry.

The damnsquirrels, with their aerial maneuvers to suck the bird seed out of the feeders, spilled some seeds onto the ground where a few sprouted where the strawberries used to be.

The birds voted an enthusiastic “AYE!”  so I left the plants there.

Sunflower plant.

Flopsie and Mopsie voted “NAY” and, unfortunately for the birds, did so with their teeth.

Since they had already eaten the Asiatic lilies up the stalks as far as they could reach, they went after the sunflower stalks with gusto and left them like this:

Bunny appetites gone amuck!

Mother Nature, trying to keep everybody happy, is making an attempt to flower one of those stubs.  If this bud makes it, this may be the silliest sunflower ever grown.

Mom Nature is a budding Genius!

Speaking of twins, my Brojoe has been sending me some of his nature photos.  I love this one of twin baby deer.  He says that one of them makes little smacky noises with her lips and the other bleats like a sheep.

Smack and Bleat.
Nursing mama.

I love this photo.

What a beauty!

Brojoe does not have fancy cameras, but his pictures are usually very clear.  Like this one.

What kind of bird is this?

Here’s an exception.

Is that you, Smokey? Yogi? Never mind....!

It’s hard to take a clear photo on the run.                                              *  *   *

Recently I was blog-tagged.  Here are my answers.

1. You have magical powers and can go back in time to the concert of your choice. Who is it?   I don’t like “loud” so I’d probably go to something like Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park and sit in the shade.  Way back.. and  I’d take a book.  Or maybe I’d take DB to hear Lenny Cohen in London.  We’d both enjoy that.

2. You must choose between two candidates to be Ruler of the World. One is a cat. One is a dog. Who do you vote for and why?  The dog.  Cats don’t give a lick about anybody but themselves; dogs lick everybody.

3. Mountains or beach?  Is it January or July?

4. Are you interested at all in the local politics where you live, or do you only pay attention in national elections?   I pay attention, I’m a precinct worker– that’s usually a 14-hour day and it’s darned boring if you don’t come in and vote.

5. You have the opportunity to tell off the person you most despise without any repercussions. Do you? Who is it?  I’ve never thought in terms of despising anyone, but now that you mention it, sit Dick Cheney across from me for a few hours.

6. Do you have too much stuff or not enough stuff? Too much.  Especially around my hips.

7.  The house is on fire. What do you grab first (excluding people and pets)?  My purse and laptop.  I don’t want to have to get another driver’s license.  I’ll e-mail to see which friends will take us in.

8. What place in the world would you visit again and again?  Any place our kids and grandkids are.

9. Do you ALWAYS answer the phone, or just let it ring?  I rarely answer the phone.  DB is the answerer-in-charge. He’s better at deflecting solicitation calls nicely.

10. Does your family know about your blog?  They know and they don’t give a lick.

Speaking of not giving a lick, I have the feeling that readers feel that way about blogger tag.  Feel free to considered yourself tagged if you have an urge to spill your guts,  since I’m not tagging anyone.

Not tonight, Deer.

11 thoughts on “Not Tonight, Deer

  1. I love the twin deer photos–kudos to Brojoe for taking it.
    Your words always cheer me, a tad, and lord knows I need it right now.

  2. What a delight to visit your pages here! I identify with your gardening woes. I don’t know if it was squirrels or rabbit that dug up and carted away the tulip bulbs that I planted! I am an accomplished grower of dandelion weeds. In spite of my gardening failures, I can’t resist the urge to dig holes and plant things in them. I really like your place and I plan to visit often.

  3. Ha! You thought you were growing a garden and, instead, you were creating a zoo! And a delightful one, too.

    I think that’s a mockingbird, but they usually prefer to nest in dense shrubbery.

    Mary Lee, meet Sheria. Sheria, meet Mary Lee! Ain’t blogging just the best?!

  4. I sympathize. We have a springer spaniel puppy residing temporarily with us, so I decided to save us all some frustration and heartache this year. All my flowers are in pots! I love that you have named them all. I name everything too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Genevieve has improved since her TLC days, but seems to have forgotten them. I’ll be watching tonight!

  5. I was surprised t see little bunnies in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this weekend! It is located in the heart of the borough, surrounded by housing projects, so I couldn’t imagine how they got there and why the garden lets them eat all the prize flowers. If I begin seeing deer there I’ll know the world has gone mad! 🙂

    Brojoe’s photos are great! Glad he ran from that bear and didn’t worry about getting the shot!

  6. cw

    Love the photos! Love your blog! and…. I must confess, I have never, ever heard of blog tag! But your answers are the best!! Had me LOL!!!:):)

  7. Even though we live near the woods where there are deer, moose, black bears, etc, only the black bears have come to our yard. They don’t eat flowers thank goodness! lol Although…I had one run through my faerie garden and I was NOT impressed. Big oaf! We have squirrels and chipmunks as well but they’ve never bothered my flowers or veggie garden…maybe we have them better trained here in Canada?? LOL

    Love the photos your brother sent you, they are gorgeous shots of the deer and birds. As for the one of the bear, yup, I’d say that’s what they look like when you’re running for your life! lol xoxo

  8. Hi Mary Lee,
    Have you tried Liquid Fence to discourage those hungry critters? It smells awful, but I’ve always had pretty good results with it.
    Brojoe’s deer looks a lot like the one hanging around my backyard these days, only she hasn’t brought the little ones along for our viewing pleasure yet.
    And that’s a House Sparrow feeding its baby in the bird house.

  9. Loooooooove the baby deer! And I vote for house sparrows in the bird house.

    PEA, I have bad red squirrels who dig up my flowers!! Bad Canadian squirrels! 🙂

    Love the bear, too.

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