Hum Along, Take II

(Adding videos to a post is not one of my talents and unfortunately, I can’t tell whether or not I’ve done it correctly until I Publish, so you get to see that I screwed up at the same time I do.

This #&%)@#& video was a real day brightener before I spent the last 40 minutes trying to add it!  If this attempt to show you Peter and Peeps doesn’t work,  find it yourself.  Sigh. )

This little video brightened my day.

Although I always feel it’s cheating just to slap up a YouTube and call it a blog post, this one from California is so, so delightful and uplifting.  I’m posting it to save myself the trouble of sending it to each of you individually.

Hummingbirds are enchanting, but closeups aren’t easy to come by, so it isn’t often that one gets to see a rescued baby bird being nursed back to health by Mama Hummingbird and some caring humans.

My favorite part is Mama Hummer jackhammering nourishment down baby bird’s throat.

Must have been green peas.


8 thoughts on “Hum Along, Take II

  1. What an amazing video. How fortunate to be able to hold a baby while the mother feeds it. They and that bird were quite lucky.
    That jackhammer approach makes you realize that baby birds have really stout gag reflexes.

  2. Such a sweet, sweet video. So heartwarming. Love the couple that rescued that sweet little thing and to see him eat and trust and thrive is just fascinating.

  3. What a wonderful video! I’ve always been fascinated by hummingbirds and I collect little hummingbird nick knacks. We never see them here but I get my fix when I visit family in Arizona, as they have so many!

    I’m glad this little peeper made it! At the end her was much bigger than Momma was!

  4. I love the footage before the jackhammering of the food, where mama bird looks up at the guy, studying him, trying to figure out if he means any harm. What an amazing video!

  5. I don’t know how you got that video in your blog all pretty like. I tried to do the same once and gave up in frustration.

    And a lovely, loving video it is.

  6. Well, I am so grateful you went to the effort of sharing it because it was a beautiful video. My hubby sat here and watched it with me. Tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. THANK YOU!

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