Color Me Confused

My vocabulary is woefully inadequate in matters of color identification.     If something is brownish orange,  I’m not liable to come up with “tanager.”  “Dried thyme” looks like greyish green to me.

I’d like to change that, to know that light yellowish-beige to a sophisticated color palette is “Clotted cream,” that off-white might be “pearled ivory” and to recognize “papaya” when I see it.  (Am I supposed to think ‘peeled’ or ‘unpeeled’?)

Recently I’ve seen several different new cars in the varying depths of the same striking color  and even with the gradations, I believe I can identify it.

Regardless of what Crayola or Sherwin-Williams think,  I’m pretty sure this is Breast-Fed Baby Poop Mustard.

Anybody. . . ?


24 thoughts on “Color Me Confused

  1. cw


  2. You need to go work for Crayola. Breast-Fed Baby Poop Mustard. LAMO. Don’t you think mothers (who are probably the main buyers of crayons anyway) would LOVE to have realistic color names?

    Peas that My Child Spit Out at Me

    What Happens When You Let Them Eat Too Many Sweet Potatoes

    Hot Dog Pink (With Artificial Fillers)

    Scrambled Eggs Black

  3. Birdie

    well, not sure if this would encourage or discourage about-to-be mothers to breastfeed. It sounds sort of awful, but you and I know that it doesn’t stink, whereas formula and real food–pee-UU!

  4. I have to laugh at this a bit. I’m always amazed and a little put-off by catalogs that have given someone excessive wages to name the colors of the blouses or dresses between their pages; luscious lemon meringue, mid-day sunshine, etc… My kids play a game called chiquita where they race to see every yellow car first.

  5. Maybe you should go to work for Martha Stewart naming her paint colors because she is running out of names such as….daughter just painted her bedroom with Marth’a white paint…the name of it….
    “A glass of Milk”…….I’m sure ole’ Martha wants us to think sheinvented the color white.

  6. In 2015, every time anyone sees a Baby Poop Mustard car, they’ll know how old it is. Remember that fabulous Age of Aquarius Teal that Honda came up with for the Accord in the early nineties? Or Toyota’s Ubiquitous Champagne Camry in ’92?

      1. That Camry is in CA and I’m on my way there tomorrow to visit it. I bought it used in ’93, drove it for ten years, and gave it to my daughter, who took it to San Diego. It was stolen there and trashed by vandals. The cops located it about nine months later and we’ve been slowly trying to help it recover, inside and out. It still drives like a dream; it’s Our Car when we’re there. After a little time on the San Diego freeways, I think having a pre-crashed, pre-stolen, pre-vandalized vehicle to drive reflects our superior intelligence. It is now Ubiquitous Champagne with Primer Silver and Duct Tape accessories.

  7. I very much like your colour name, although I suspect the car companies would not appreciate it as a marketing tool.

    Howzabout “bile puked up by the Cairn Terrier I am dog-sitting” yellow?

  8. Ok, you just about made me spit out my water again…seems to happen every time I read your posts!! lol You certainly did name that colour very well!!! ROFL! I can never remember all those new dang fangled colour names but I would certainly remember the one you came up with, so yes, I agree, Crayola should hire you! hehe xoxo

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