Loose Ends (I’m Not Talking Diarrhea)

Several situations I’ve laid on you recently require followups so you won’t continue to lie awake at night, worrying.

PET NEWS:  Stella the wonder dog, that sprinkler system-eating Weimaraner belonging to our son and daughter-in-law, has recovered from her pneumonia bout.  Alas, she had to drop out of doggy obedience college during her siege.  I have not heard the latest, but I think they are considering homeschool.

POLITICAL NEWS: Remember the Machine Gun Social Republican, Tim D’Annunzio,  in a runoff for Congress?  Several state Republican leaders have taken the unusual step of speaking out against him, believing that his election would be a catastrophe for the party and for the country.

The two tea party groups who support him are unmoved by the Republican leaders’ arguments.

In a related, but unsurprising development, D’Annunzio has called for the state GOP chairman to resign because of this.   The candidate feels that the leaders are focusing on the wrong things–like his police record, his prediction that God plans to drop a 1,000 mile high pyramid on Greenland, that he has called our government the antichrist, or that he once claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona.

FOOD  NEWS: After giving up on getting any un-nibbled strawberries from my own garden,  I bought a quart at our favorite produce/ice cream stand on the way to the beach


Of course we bought large cones of strawberry ice cream, too.

When we got to the beach and I washed and cleaned the berries in anticipation of finally enjoying a berry that hadn’t been previously nibbled on by critters,  I found that almost half of them were used, so to speak.   Maybe I’ll stick to frozen berries from the supermarket.  The flavor isn’t there, but neither are the bite marks.

Pre-owned berries.

ANNIVERSARY NEWS:  When we went out for our anniversary dinner, Dearly Beloved took me to one of our favorite places, a French wine and cheese cafe downtown on the Cape Fear River.   They brought us two desserts in honor of our anniversary celebration–a chocolate mousse and their adaptation of creme caramel.

I ate them both.

(Okay, Smarty, which one would YOU have chosen???)

BUSINESS NEWS:  My apologies for this disjointed post.  I’ve been distracted by this pesky guy that refuses to leave our door:

I think he wants to sell us insurance.

10 thoughts on “Loose Ends (I’m Not Talking Diarrhea)

  1. Anoles! I love them! We’ve found that they can live for quite a long time on a screened porch, eating insects that you and I can barely see. I’ve never tried to catch one for fear that the tail will come off in my hand, which would send me into absolute, full-body, panty-wetting frizzikins.

    In fact, I’m kinda ginchy just thinking about it.

    Okay, I don’t want to talk about that anymore.

  2. cw

    I’m still LOL at ‘loose ends’ ….. lolololol…… omg, you are hysterical! You deserved both of those desserts!!:) Well done!:):)

  3. A thousand mile high pyramid in Greenland. Actually that sounds pretty cool.

    We have two lizards that frequent that walls of our patio. Matthew and Mark. We talk a lot. Well, I talk a lot to them. They don’t disagree or argue. I think I’ll keep ’em around.

  4. Good for you! I would have eaten both desserts, too.

    When we were little, we had a pet chameleon that we got at the circus. One day, my brother let Liz out and we were held hostage in the corner of the kitchen as she perched on top of the broom closet door. After much too long, we ended up coaxing Liz off her perch and into a paper bag with a spider. As soon as Liz landed in that bag, my mother slam dunked the entire thing into the cage and from that day forward the cage had a Lock on it.
    Not sure how I would handle your guest. I imagine that I would want to know where he/she is at all times…. Actually, I imagine that any lizard hanging about here would be a dog snack before too long.

  5. You have the most delightful posts. I do love to come here.
    Hard to believe that politician is running loose. There has to be an asylum looking for him.
    Used strawberries, yikes. Bet you paid for new.
    Your anniversary dinner sounded devine. Why not two desserts?

  6. Way better than the news from Lake Wobegone! We follow your fine politician even here in the mountains. Come to think of it…he might just fit in here. And eating both desserts is a no-brainer. Of course you couldn’t choose.

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