Overhauling My Wardrobe

Magazines like Real Simple send e-mail teasers to get me to subscribe again.  It isn’t that I didn’t like that one; I did.  That was the problem;  I couldn’t bear to toss them, so they’re still stashed away somewhere.  Better to remain clueless than to resubscribe and supply fodder  for the paper mites, I decided.  Of course, that was back in the days when I believed in paper mites–like, last week.   Never mind; dust mites, alas, are real.

(Further evidence (sigh) that God is not a woman.)

Today’s Real Simple tease was about 18 Fashion Mistakes You Might Be Making because of things your Mom told you.  The first one–pants or skirts?-– was silly.  The clear answer is, “whichever makes my butt look smaller.” The second one discussed whether or not we need to match socks to pants.  Passé, they said, and hinted that socks themselves aren’t currently that hot.  They offered no opinion as to whether or not socks need to match skirts.

(If you think women don’t wear socks with skirts and pumps, then you don’t read knitting magazines or blogs.  Knitters don’t want to knit socks on needles the diameter of toothpicks, then hide them under pants.  My skill level is not up to the SOCKS chapter, so this is not an issue about which I’m passionate.)

Usually,  I don’t read so much as a teaser about fashion, but I’ve been feeling pretty “with it” these days, since a friend informed me that I am a trailblazer in the latest hot trend.

What retro-style decade would that be?

“Overalls,” she told me, backing up her words with this article from the Los Angeles Times.


The overalls I bought at the Kidney Foundation secondhand store to wear once for a fun event  do still get frequent use.  The bib part of the overalls lulls me into thinking that I can go braless and no one will notice that my boobs are in free fall.

I wore my pair to the supermarket last week, waiting for all the skinny women in tennis outfits and golf skirts to fawn over them.  The ones modeled in the LA paper have holes in them and are worn with 4″ heels and fancy accessories. My subdued look–understated, but no holes in mine, thank you very much, surely dazzled the Botox Babes.  They weren’t able to show expression to confirm their approval, I guess.

Last night I checked the internet for further confirmation of  my fashion forecasting  and sure enough, overalls were right there in a feature on Blue Collar Chic.  The date was 1999.

Looks like just me and a few Hollywood Hotties are the only ones in on this latest trend revival.

Try to catch up, will ya?!


9 thoughts on “Overhauling My Wardrobe

  1. bibprofessor

    Hi, no you are not alone at all, there is in fact a growing movement in NYC, even in the coolest brooklyn overalls are the hot thing ! with and without holes ! so, sure keep going for the overalls and join the overalls commune !:) check out link to your overalls sisters (and brothers) on my blog !

  2. OMG! I have one of those!!!! I got mine from a second hand store while in Champaign-Urbana, cornfield central. My husband-to-be at that time was majorly embarrassed when i showed up in those at his graduate lab, complete with a straw hat. He would explain, “Theatre major…” This brings back such nice memories. Thank you! I need to dig them out. But first I need to send the article to my DB. 🙂

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