Which Kind of Crazy?

Sunrise on the Outer Banks ©JW 2010

My brother often takes incredible nature pictures of the Outer Banks area where he lives, and sends them to me.   Nothing would get him away from that part of North Carolina.  He knows every creek and back road around there.   Last week he sent me a picture of an owl with a critter in claw (yikes!) and he tells me he’ll be sending his pictures of mating water moccasins soon.  Not that I’ve asked, I hasten to add.

This incredible sunrise on the Outer Banks struck me, not only because it’s so beautiful, but because NC politicians have softened their “no off-shore drilling” stance and that is such a fragile area.  There is a remote possibility that even the BP oil rig explosion off the Louisiana Gulf coast could reach our state.  A wide swath of southern gulf coastline, from the Mississippi Delta to Pensacola, Florida, is expected to be affected by Monday.

Today I read that BP considered the possibility of a spill so unlikely that they didn’t have a plan to address such a disaster.  That would indicate a brain spill sometime ago.  Good grief!   Who are all these corporate executives making decisions that leave oil slicks from Wall Street to the Gulf of Mexico?   When did brains and common sense become passé ?

Dearly Beloved and I don’t expect our commode to overflow either, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a toilet plunger at the ready.

Speaking of toilet talk, metaphorically, I mean… you know how local TV stations hype their news stories during the prime time shows?  Last night one of our stations was titillating and teasing us about an interview with Joslyn James, who is here doing whatever she does at an “adult entertainment” club.    Her appearance has been advertised for days in the sports section of the newspaper.  Just in case you’ve escaped having that name stuck in your brain like gum on a shoe, she’s one of Tiger Woods’ former mistresses.   While he’s here playing– not very well– at the Quail Hollow Golf Tournament, she’s a few miles up the road,  pole dancing.

Only a coinkydink, of course.

There’s an election Tuesday and I’ll bet half the county has no idea, but faux-news?  We’re on it!

Speaking of opportunistic mistresses and cheating, lying husbands, Oprah’s interview with Rielle Hunter was aired this week.  The object of Rielle’s affection,  John Edwards,  is about to be combing his hair for a court appearance in Raleigh in a week or so.  I forget whether this hearing is in regard to the sex tape,  or the one about whether he used campaign funds to pay for all that fun.

And to think that his momma gave him her pecan pie recipe to send out as a Thank You for campaign donations!   She probably wishes she’d chosen something without nuts.

To top off the news in North Carolina,  some guy named Shirley robbed Thelma Lou in Mt. Airy this week.  Barney’s ex-girlfriend is 83 now, and had moved to faux-Mayberry for safety after being robbed in Los Angeles a couple of times.  There she was, right outside Lowe’s, waiting for a taxi, when Shirley strong-armed her.  I read that Betty Lou Lynn appeared as Deputy Fife’s girlfriend, Thelma Lou,  in 26 episodes.  I’d have guessed at least three times that.  Catching a cab in Mount Airy can’t be easy, but maybe driving at 83 in Mount Airy isn’t either.

(83?!  Holy moly!  Surely we’re not aging that fast!)

I don’t usually send folks off to read other blogs, but if you haven’t yet become a fan of Mature Landscaping, start with this one about a coming “event” in Myrtle Beach.

Way beyond crazy-funny, which has been in short supply lately, crazy comes in a variety of undesirable flavors :  crazy-sad, crazy-disgusting, crazy-ignorant, crazy-mean, crazy-scary, and crazy-fanatical.   It sounds like Myrtle Beach is about to get a big dose of crazy nobody should have to experience.


7 thoughts on “Which Kind of Crazy?

  1. There has to be a better way to get oil than to destroy our coast lines. I hope this makes the politicians think a little harder about allowing off shore drilling. Love your plunger thought.
    Poor Thelma Lou. If Mt. Airy isn’t safe, no place is. Eighty three ??? No way.

  2. What a fabulous quote, “Dearly Beloved and I don’t expect our commode to overflow either, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a toilet plunger at the ready.” Yes, we are willing to accept risk without consequences.

  3. Thank you for the shout out, honey! I’ve gotten some great comments on that post, including one each from Bridezilla, from one of the Miscreant Bridesmaids, and a subdued one from the groom who was suffering from jet lag at the time. The Westboro Baptist form of Crazy threatens to harsh out their wedding rehearsal at the church next door to the targeted high school (which is also their alma mater). Everybody’s shook about it, which confirms that crazy is catching.

    I loved this post! We Carolinians are still stunned by the beauty of our region and by the silliness of our public figures. And then there’s Tiger. He’s so psyched out, he can’t half function. For bloggers, our part of the world is a target-rich environment! Blog on, sister!

  4. Wow..such craziness going on in this world..I shared your fellow bloggers post on twitter and facebook and now waiting to get responses..
    Loony tunes have existed for ages..dont think they will go away any time soon..sadly.

  5. Ick! I cannot believe that Oprah actually gave airtime to that sleaze! Hrmph.

    And a robber named Shirley? Maybe growing up with a name like Shirley turned him towards the dark side! Too bizarre.

  6. Don’t call me Shirley!

    Sorry. Just need to say that. Once. On your blog comment section.

    That picture makes me smile and weep at the same time. The whole BP thing is just… ugh. I need to try and catch the sunrise when we visit OBX this summer. And what and what having sex in OBX? I need to know more about THAT! 😉

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