Yesterday I wrote about granddoggy Stella, the wonder Weimaraner, and her puppy mischief.   Terrible timing!

She has been staying full time at the doggy college/kennel this week while “Her People,” Good Egg Son and Daughter-in-Law,  took a short trip to California.  They called the kennel several times to check on their pupster and were assured that she was doing great, romping with the other dogs.  However, when DIL returned home and went to fetch Stella, she was told that her dog wasn’t there.  DIL waited as the receptionist made phone calls.   Finally, someone came out to tell her that Stella had been taken to the emergency veterinary hospital the day before.   DIL rushed over and found Stella looking frail and lethargic.  She’d lost about five pounds.

Pneumonia was the original diagnosis, but now they think influenza.  Not a good thing for a dog to have and not a time for me to be writing about her foibles.  I feel like Cruella De Vil.

The people I know who have Weimaraners say their dogs drove them crazy for the first 18 months, but after that, they were wonderful pets.  By that measurement, Stella is approaching wonderfulness, with or without her dog college degree.

Today Stella is back home with DIL.   She’s on several medications.

Get well soon, Granddoggy.  Even Miss Piggy sends good wishes.  She says you may borrow her bed next visit, but the No Butt Sniffing rule is still in effect.

Stella says HI to Odessa, the neighbor dog, who jumped the fence to come for a visit and a sniffdown.

Miss Piggy declines to be sociable.  She likes to keep her privates private and placed herself accordingly under the table.  Sorry that I didn’t have sound because Stella was saying, “She’s joking, right?!”

Oh. . . that most expensive dog record I mentioned yesterday?

Folks, I think we have a winnah. . . !


7 thoughts on “Bummer!

  1. blueheron

    Poor baby Stella. She needs a lot of comfort and nice pink blankie to snuggle up with. You could just whip one out now doncha think Grandmary?

  2. Oh, make sure to tell us if Stella is OK.

    Friends of ours had a Weimaraner–lovely dog they had rescued. But she (sadly) died suddenly last summer. Very sad. I think they are spookily elegant looking dogs.

  3. Gosh, you have to be so careful with what you say about granddogs! I have a tendency to say and do all the wrong things and wind up in the doghouse over them. My son and imminent DIL have two big, shedding, disruptive, ill-behaved Shelter Shepherds. I was an Odessa type…an adored and perfectly behaved miniature chocolate poodle named Snickers, the un-dog-lover’s kind of pet. I tend to say stupid things around the granddogs, like, “They say when you have no kids, your dogs are your children, but when you have a baby, the dogs are just dogs.” I can’t believe this stuff just slips out! Move over, Cruella.

  4. Just what you don’t want to hear when you go to the kennel to picky up your dog….Your dog is not here…..I called the kennel myself today to make “vacation reservations” for the Boo Dog….The place advertises that they are a “Country CLub for Canines”…..Mr. Roper cringes when ever I call and tell him Boo will be in their hand for 3 weeks….He always says the same thing….”You know when they get to be this old it’s always touch and go the whole time he’s here….but we’ll take good care of him….How old is he now?”……I refused to tell him that Boo is two years past his life expectancy…..but you know what he really wants to say is….”Your damn dog better not die on our watch…..you’ll still have to pay the bill”…..Poor Boo…….

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