Birth Control, Mirth Control!

Our Neighbor of the Bad Jokes (Ned, for short) rarely sees Dearly Beloved without announcing, “I gotta good joke for you!”

Last week’s “joke”  was about a method of birth control for people over 50.  (He must know something the rest of us don’t as to why it is needed. )

The method?


DB was a little indignant and told him to speak for himself.

If The Full Monty director called DB and said they needed someone to fill in for an ailing cast member, he wouldn’t do it, but it would be because he didn’t want to stay up that late, not because he didn’t feel qualified.

(Why do they even bother to do research on whether men or women are more dissatisfied with their bodies? )

I’d forgotten about the joke (I’m being generous) until DB returned from a walk while ago and said, “Ned’s outside practicing birth control.”


“He’s working in his yard without a shirt on.”

At this time of the evening, there are lots of walkers and joggers on our street.  I wonder just how wide Ned’s nudity broadcast frequency might reach.

I hope there is a good ballgame on TV.  There may not be much action in the ‘hood tonight.


10 thoughts on “Birth Control, Mirth Control!

  1. Oh–tee hee.

    I must say, I am not thrilled with most men who decide to go shirtless.
    My daughter went on vacation once with a bunch of Brits–she said there was nothing worse than a bus full of half-drunk British men peeling off their shirts to reveal their pasty chests.

  2. That was cute and I love your husband’s humor. You ought to let him “guest” blog on occasion. Not enough for him to get confident.
    I had a couple of words besides “confident” to use here but they all sounded ribald after your post.

  3. Seems like a lot of people have a neighbor like Ned….The only person not getting any action is probably Ned 🙂

    My body is probably not nearly as nice as it once was but, I wasn’t satisfied then with it-now my age is showing and I am thinking “heck ya” whatever! (smile).

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