One Word

In my jumbled assortment of photos are many I took for some very silly reasons.  Sometimes I was trying to decide which word went with the scene and I snapped a photo so that I could decide later.  (Sounds better than saying “mind went blank.“)   Others appealed to my weird sense of humor.

Not a stem in sight near this corner of our garage.  There is only house and paved driveway at this point.   The closest ivy to this spot would be found in our neighbor’s yard–across the paved driveway and behind the brick fence.


Next. . . WHY?

The question has nothing to do with oyster shell recycling, but why was this sign on a toilet tank in the Ladies’ Room of a restaurant?  It did give me pause for a minute… but I really had to go!

This one: WHO????

WHO left this at my house?  WHO bought it in the first place?  WHO thinks grandsons need help in this department?!

WHAT???  (You may be thinking, “What th’. . . “)

Grandson #2 enjoys a nap on a bed nails of nails during his visit here.

The word for this one is:  WHERE?

You guess. . . .

Wait!  There’s more. . . .

Remember the pink flamingo mailbox from Pink Saturday?  This is the front yard of that house.

Here’s a quiz:

The word is WHICH.  Which place had this marquee?

A.  A nightclub.

B.  A bra shop.

C.  A. church.

Answer below.

I took this picture while waiting at a traffic light.


When did you ever see a cleverer name for a cafe?!  When can we go??  This sign is a banner designating their parking lot.

I’ve run out of words, but this one doesn’t need any.   Shhhhh….


15 thoughts on “One Word

  1. The Burpmaster is great, but I’ll go ya one better. Several months ago we saw a similar gadget at Walmart called “Flarp.” Turns out it makes a number of distinctive farting sounds when the buttons are pressed. The one that had me rolling on the floor of the toy aisle was the one labeled “nervous.” You can just imagine….

  2. cw

    Is that really their front yard?? that pink flamingo mailbox house – really? honest? holy moly – the covenants for that neighborhood must be quite ‘colorful’!:) Love the bed of nails – I’ve done that myself – it is soooooooooooooooo cool! But my fav…. grandad with his baby grand….sigh… now that’s a keeper!:)

    1. I think any of that stuff could be yours for a price! The neighbors have two large pink flamingoes in their front yard, “drinking” from a birdbath. I took the pictures from the highway and hate that I missed the hanging ones–a flying horse and two porpoises, if I remember correctly.

      Grandkids would love the big-mouthed ones. Trash cans? Laundry hamper? Bean bag toss? I’ll stop and pick one up for you!

  3. These photos are just too funny! Loved the burpmaster keychain! and the ivy growing out of ?concrete dirt? and all the rest of them ! btw, nice to hear your friend had some good things to say about Beirut, and missed the horrors later! It is trying to get back to its glory days.

  4. All the photos made me smile, or laugh. Love the last one!

    Why do boys love to burp s much? I ws a cub scout leader fr three years and my troop would drive me crazy having burping contests

  5. Positioning the “high and lifted up” photo immediately after the one showing surreal trash cans was a stroke of genius. By the end of Happy Hour, those cans would start to look like what I’ve been searching for all this time in the way of yard art.

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