Cruising in Pink

We’re cruising for pink today.  In this:

Found it in a parking lot. Remind me to put it back.

Azaleas blooming everywhere!

Avert your eyes.  We’re passing the home of The Mad Pruner.

We need to get this azalea into Witness protection.

And we’re cruising. . . and we’re cruising.

I found this overachieving Redbud tree with blooms on the limbs and even the trunk.

One question:

How do you prefer your pink mailbox. . . .



If you need more pink (and surely, you do!)  cruise on over to How Sweet the Sound!

Take your time.  Just put the car back where we found it when you’re finished.


13 thoughts on “Cruising in Pink

  1. Happy pink Saturday. What a gorgeous car. I’ll be happy to put it back right right where I found it after I cruse around a bit.

    That flamingo mail box is a hoot. I’ll be smiling all day thinking of it.

  2. That car is awesome! I want one. Let’s steal one together and pull a Thelma and Louise.

    I’m so jealous of your azaleas–we are still in the land of no flowers and dead grass.

  3. That takes care of my pink fix, thanks. That car would be easy to find in a parking lot huh. Well maybe not, it could hide behind a van easily. It is top down weather here also.

  4. Love the flamingo mailbox…..very tropical!
    And there is a lady who has a blog that actually is in a group of women that have those little 1950’s mini airstream trailers…this group is called Women on the Fly and they go camping and fly fishing but there are groups that are cow girls too….their trailers are painted with western themes on the side….ropes and stuff….camp fires….it’s very cute.

  5. What a Budding Phenom…the overachiever and those Amazing Azeleas! We don’t have those in West Texas….instead we have Bountiful Bluebonnets, but just for a short time. So I’ll have to hurry with the Pink Plifered Parkin’Lot Ride….oops!!….don’t know what parkin’lot to return it to….funny you didn’t mention that! Guess, I’ll cruise a little longer. Fun post as always! BTW, the DuctTape FixIt of the Outhouse on the planted baseball bat is as good an example of Southern Engineering as I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a bunch….my HiHoney has a PhDuctTapeDegree.

  6. I’ve never seen flowers growing like that on the tree trunk, what is it? It is sooooo beautiful. The azaleas are really gorgeous too. I would love to have a pink mailbox. Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. How on earth did you get a photo of my flamingo mailbox?!! Really! I had no idea it would be considered eye catching!!

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