One Thing

For decades, Dearly Beloved has been looking for The Missing Piece of The Puzzle. . . one last thing he believes will be the key to perfect golf.

Over the years, there have been numerous false alarms.  I’ve heard them all:

The slight turn of the elbow, the knee, the thumb, the club head speed. . . whatever!  And the thing is, he’s already an excellent golfer.  If he is planning on winning the Masters or something, fine.  Otherwise, I don’t know why he fools around with a perfectly good golf swing.

It’s an art form to him and he’s always working to add just that one last pinch to perfect the recipe.  It’s like living with an outdoor version of a mad scientist.

I thought he’d play more golf after he retired, but that hasn’t been the case.   He hits practice balls,  watches tournaments, and occasionally runs across a helpful golf book to read.  Dude son-in-law recently gave him one that he believes may indeed contain that one thing… the missing piece of the puzzle.

The man does get credit from me for his work ethic.  He’s certainly giving that book  plenty of tireless study.

Sacrificing for one's art.

7 thoughts on “One Thing

  1. Chips……..and the sun….what a combination!…..
    Retirement is wonderful…if we could just do away with the pollen and the wood boring bees…sitting out on a deck with wine and chips would be heaven!!

  2. Long sleeved shirt and shorts — that is something I can identify with. Shorts are appropriate with anything…sweaters…jackets…parkas…

    And he is embracing retirement — thinking about doing; reading about doing; but doing, hurrrmmph!

  3. I get it: he’s re-setting his BMI and cholesterol counts. So THAT’s the secret of a perfect swing. I’ll have to tell my husband. AND he’s working on that all-important relationship with his SIL. What a guy!

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