The Pollinator

Why does the mail carrier have green shoes?  

(Male mail legs.)

Why are our puddles yellow?

The pollen pixies have gone amuck!

We’ve already had Code Orange smog alerts because of the stuff.  Last year, we were No. 3 in worst cities for allergy/asthma sufferers, but we’re going for No. 1.  According to the local newspaper, the oak pollen is twice as bad as last year and other pollens, like cedar, are much worse.   We can practically measure the stuff with a yardstick.   We can taste it when we’re outside.

Here’s the source of much of the pollen.  Yep, those same oak trees we banded to save from cankerworms repay us like this.

Oak catkins.

Where do all those brown, pollen-laden catkins go?

Everywhere.  The sidewalks, the grass, on the roof.  The stuff even comes into the house and sticks to the rugs.


Fog may arrive on little cat’s feet, but the oak crud comes in with the dog.  This is after she was brushed.  She rolls in the stuff and comes up looking like she’s been frosted with toasted coconut.

The heavy pollen saps your energy, makes you want to soak your eyeballs, gives you a headache, brings on an urge to challenge Rip Van Winkle’s record for sleeping…assuming your post nasal drip and clogged sinuses would let you sleep.

But what do you do?   You drag your tired, sorry butt off to work anyway.

There’s a name  for that condition in the workplace, you know.


Your body is there, but your brain, your creativity, and your productiveness don’t show up.  Hey, you’re doing the best you can.

There’s only one thing to say on days like this:



10 thoughts on “The Pollinator

  1. And I thought Houston was pollen central. The weather is nice but my allergies forbid me to sit outside and enjoy it. I hear you.

  2. Oh my. I never thought about the tracking issue on little puppy feet! I’m rethinking the possibly of dog ownership again, thank you!
    (I love my indoor-only kitties)

    Don’t sneeze too much now (our pollen season has begun, too, and this year is baaad!)

  3. Do you have your air on already…..I can’t bear to start paying ridiculous electric bills just after a cold winter… break at all….and it’s so cool here….so my entire house on the inside is covered with this crap….My kitchen floor is yellow…the whole house needs to be dusted….even the dog! I HATE POLLEN……

  4. Ugh. That’s the source of my illness lately! No, really. Doctor told me that blood tests showed I am allergic to OAK. I don’t know that that means, but I am blaming NC! LOL. Just kidding about the NC part. 😉

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