Rightfully Thine

People that park in the fire lanes in front of stores baffle me.  When it’s an SUV, it  looks especially conspicuous, for I think of them as being owned by outdoorsy people who want to hike in wild and remote places.  I mean, is that big-ass Hummer parked illegally in front of the supermarket because the owner is too lazy to walk from a designated parking place?

I always have an urge to yell, “EXCUSE ME!!!  EXCUSE ME!!! (in  Suzanne Sugarbaker imitation)   I’m doing a survey and wonder if you would mind telling me why you feel the rules don’t apply here.”

Could be anything, I suppose: “I have only five minutes more to live and I want to buy that black dress I saw last week for my wake!” or “Bathroom emergency! Any farther away and I’d leave a trail. ”  “My pants are on fire and I need to borrow their extinguisher.”

There COULD be valid reasons.

I’m reluctant to ask, though.  With people packing heat just to go to Starbucks, I’d probably ask someone who was stopping for his third six-pack on his way to a gun show.  Better to be left in the dark.

Last week, in the small parking lot at our neighborhood library, where the spaces  are clearly marked  for perpendicular parking,  someone had pulled in sideways, taking up all three marked Handicap spaces.  No sign of a Handicap tag hanging from the mirror or on the license plate.


As I walked up the front sidewalk to go inside,  I noticed the Vanity Plate on the front of the car.  (Oh, to have had my camera!)     One word:


Ahhhh.   I suppose that would explain it.

Permission from God.


9 thoughts on “Rightfully Thine

  1. unabridgedgirl

    * SNORT * I loved this! Whenever I see people parked in the firelines, I always wonder the same things…your comment about leaving a trail had me rolling.

  2. OMG, this is HYSTERICAL, Mary Lee!! You could have little cards printed up that contain some witty and snarky comment and tuck it under their windshield wiper…..not that I’ve ever done that…..me? uh-uh….. 🙂

  3. My car is the designated vehicle to place shopping carts behind. I can’t figure it out. I can park next to one of those shopping car corrals and still there will be or two nestled precisely behind me.

    Thank you for stopping by — which I know was returning the favor for visiting you. But now you’re stuck ’cause I’ll be visiting a lot.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I’m actually a NC girl, myself…born, raised, and educated. I wound up in the Poor Distant Relation State of SC via S. Korea, some ordinary American states, and Sarah Palin’s backyard. No, not Russia; Eagle River, AK, where she was, more accurately, in OUR backyard. I can’t remember how we got here, but I think it had to do with a beach. I don’t tell just anyone down here that I’m a liberal for fear they might sidle over and dumb me to death.

    You’ve probably been to our beach and driven both of our north-south roads. People here were large on SUV’s until about a year ago. They’d go out and buy a Hummer just to drive north on 17 By-pass, turn around, and drive south on 17 By-pass. At 45 mph.

    As everyone in this God-forsaken backwater says, “Have a blessed day, honey.”

  5. Tru dat! (except to the Blessed car owner. yeah, let me BLESS you!)

    Hmm. You don’t own a phone with a camera? You need an intervention. STAT!

  6. hee hee..yes good one..
    Well wonder if our new texas license plate would make sense..
    Actually i was a bit disappointed they sent us new plates..our old ones were WRL and a few numbers..we got these plates nine years ago when we started Rving full time..
    my husband said immediately that they stood for Wonderful retired life.

    so much to our dismay they sent new plates this year…and they start with two letters and then numbers…
    BM ughhh..whats the first thing you think of…
    Well guess it might help if the parking situation…hee hee..when u gotta go u gotta go…

    Anyway..i have decided that the BM stands for Birding, Mushrooms. heee hee..

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