Proof Positive

The world is getting smaller.

Years ago, a week rarely went by that someone didn’t ask me, “Y’all any kin to Robert E. Lee?”

Everyone assumed that we were southern.  Heck, it used to be that everyone who lived here was southern.   Now, people from many different parts of the country–and the world–live in this city.

I can’t even remember the last time anyone asked about the General.

Still, I have to admit to being surprised when we received this in the mail yesterday:

It looks like an interesting magazine, but I can’t read a word of it.

I wish I knew what kind of magazine it is, and who the man is on the front cover.  He looks very pleasant, doesn’t he?!

I wonder if we’re related.


6 thoughts on “Proof Positive

  1. He looks like a rounder Jackie Chan! And no, not all Asians look alike to me. 😉

    It’s Korean. Do you know that the Korean writing system is phonic-based? So even though each looks like a Chinese character, you know, a “block”, each sub-symbol (actually the Korean alphabet) within each character represents a sound. So if you learn the phonic system, you would know how to pronounce each character, in theory, even if you don’t know the meaning of the word. In the 15th century a Korean emperor decided to create a complete new writing system to replace the Chinese system used in Korea forever (and only by the privileged class) because he wanted all of his people to be able to read and write. Isn’t that an awesome story?! I am also jealous because a phonic based system, such as Japanese, is so much easier to learn than Chinese. At least in theory…

  2. I knew this magazine was Korean because I’ve seen many Korean signs in an area of Queens, NY where many Korean-Americans live.
    There is a public school in Brooklyn, NY where the students speak 54 different languages at home! I always think that if 54 different nationalities can travel in the same subway car back and forth to go to work without incident, there is also hope for peace in the world one day! 🙂

  3. Don’t know who the cover guy is, but the publication is a health journal from a Korean company that makes health supplements. We get these things every now and then and try to figure how we got on a mailing list. Unfortunately, the journal is not published in English yet.

  4. I see where they offer organic plum balls on their website. Interesting….

    As to everyone wanting to know if you’re related to Robert. E. Lee, when we first moved here and I worked in a doctor’s office, the older patients always asked me “Who were you?” when I met them. Whaaa? It turns out they meant what was my maiden name since all the old folks knew all the families in town and wanted to know where I fit into that. Still, it was disconcerting—like I was in the witness protection program or something.

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