Beach Parking ‘Whoas’

No matter what the fickle weather or which week the flowers bloom

The parking demons rise again, our quarters to consume.

Headless parking meters.

Tourists, sick of winter, cast aside their coats and sleds . . .

A signal for the city to give the meters back their  heads.

Ready for action. Caa-ching!

Dearly Beloved then steps in to test that the system is in place

He parks for “just a minute”  in a metered parking space.

For three years in a row he’s found it works exactly as designed,

The meter monitors leave confirming notes:  Pay this $26  fine.”


7 thoughts on “Beach Parking ‘Whoas’

  1. Are you serious?…..DB parks every year….gets a $26. parking ticket just to make sure the meters are working for the new tourist season…..You gotta love men!!…..does he pay the ticket or does he tell the city that he’s quality control?

    1. The answer is, nah, he’s not doing it to check the meters, he just has to be hit in the head with a 2×4 or a parking ticket to realize that the meters are up and being monitored. At this time of year, there AREN’T that many tourists during the week, so the parking patrol have nothing to do except wait for him.
      He’s not trying to get by with anything–he just parks and runs up to check conditions on the beach is before he puts his money in. ($1 an hour)

  2. That’s how the beach towns make their money. When they hire the extra help to check the meters they will get you every single time. At least they seem to get DB every single time.

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