Roux the Day? No Way!

This morning I won a cookbook on Velva’s Tomatoes on the Vine blog giveaway.  It made my day!  Thanks, Velva! Dearly Beloved and I will be slurping soups from my New Orleans Gumbos and Soups cookbook soon.

I doubt that my version will be up to Velva’s standards.  She mentioned standing over a 12-quart stockpot for over an hour to make a golden roux.    YIKES!  I don’t suppose that comes in a jar, does it?  I saw a recipe for a Maiden’s Prayer cocktail a little farther down her blog.  That could be the perfect accompaniment for a tour of duty over a stockpot.

In case anyone doubts that I will be up for roux-making,  I offer a slightly tarnished Exhibit A.

For those who do not recognize this revered, solid gold-tone medal,  let me show you the flip side.  

Yes, my friends, that is the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award which I won in high school.  If you don’t think it was embarrassing to be a shy, skinny teenager in glasses standing on stage in assembly and being recognized as someone who “will make a good wife,” guess again.

Nevertheless, I ask you, could  Betty Crocker make a roux?

Of course she could. . . and probably while wearing pearls, a frilly apron, and pumps.   Alas, my dress code is somewhat more casual.

I’m not current on proper attire, but judging by what I see, I thought that anything goes these days.  That was before I was enlightened by this very specific Dress Code sign I saw yesterday.

What (she asked, ruefully)  ever happened to No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service?


16 thoughts on “Roux the Day? No Way!

  1. Okay we have more in common then you would have thought…..I’m forwarding you a past post about myself……not many people know about this……we are in a “Class” all by ourselves…..

    1. Rue Sue- your trophy is prettier than my pin. Can’t you just imagine we wearing that “ad”? LOL! No thanks!
      SubWOW – I took a multiple-choice exam which had not no cooking questions unless they were math-related. I couldn’t do anything more complicated than making a peanut butter and banana sandwich then.
      Sue, too – You DID show ’em! Good for you! That’s so neat! You do still sew though, don’t you?
      Pam – LOL! I can imagine your dress code! When I was in school, girls couldn’t wear long pants.
      TTPT – You’re absolutely right, but I won’t be the one to test the theory!
      Patti – I wasn’t even sure they meant teenagers. I’m not even sure what the place was because the sign was on a chainlink fence. I think it was a nightclub and the fence was there to keep ’em from walking off without paying, I guess.
      Mtn. Woman – I’m not sure. I’m not sure which way the pendulum is swinging. It hit me in the head a long time ago.
      Unabridged – We’re even then, because you make me laugh, too!

  2. Congrats! I saw Velva’s description of making the roux. Yikes! I’ve seen several cooking shows devoted to making “the” roux. Yikes! Love the dress code sign you spotted. Where? In front of the church?! (I do seriously think churches are allowed to and should post such a sign. It’s like when you go to someone’s house, right? Dress up!)

    And I can’t talk to you any more: I almost flunked my home ec…

  3. That was You??? I was the other HomeMaker Award Winner…for Sewing…the one they said ,”Isn’t it great…she makes all her own clothes and will have the Best Dressed Little Girls.” Fooled them…one Son and a Girls High School Athletic Coach for 25 years.

    Guess that puts me outta the Dress Code, too. Converse hightops, whistle necklace, and warmups. I wonder if designer workout stuff is allowed?

    Fun post as always. Your ‘Tarnished Pin’ is in much better shape than my yellowed certificate.

  4. Congrats on the cookbook win!!! You should see our school dresscode, believe me we have to spell everything out for the students.

  5. Thank goodness we now live in a society that would not say, “make a great wife,” but would say, “a bright future as a chef.” We DO live in that society, don’t we?

  6. unabridgedgirl

    “Yes, my friends, that is the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award which I won in high school. If you don’t think it was embarrassing to be a shy, skinny teenager in glasses standing on stage in assembly and being recognized as someone who “will make a good wife,” guess again.”

    I just adore you blog. You make me constantly laugh and smile.

  7. Your pin is way better than the Girl Scout Cooking Badge I stuck on the microwave- just in case anyone has any doubts. Where your pin proudly!!!

  8. Congrats on your prizes – both now and that blast from the past! Your post title made me LOL. There should be a prize for that alone!

  9. You’ve got me giggling like crazy here! hehe You always have such fun posts:-) I had never seen a Betty Crocker pin before, how cool is that?! Being so shy as a young girl, I can well imagine how embarrassing it must have been to have to go up on stage to receive that award:-) I remember loving home-ec and cooking but never got any awards for it…sigh. Let us know if you make anything out of that cookbook you won. That dress code is something else, isn’t it!! xoxo

  10. That restaurant ( store?) obviously does not want teenagers on its

    I was shy skinny and wore glasses, too, in HS! Everything is the same except I now have contacts and 100 more pounds. I won the “future artist” award… and never picked up a paintbrush since. Hmmm

    I LOVE gumbos and making a roux is not that hard! The key is to just keep whisking all the while and them take the pan off the heat as soon as it is the color you desire. I think the best food in the world is served in New Orleans….good thing I don’t live there or I’d add another 100 pounds!

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