Smocked? I Think Not!

It isn’t because I’m a minimalist that this blog has no bells and whistles.  I’m simply techno-deficient.  But, when Miz Texas Trailer Park Trash at I Tried Being Tasteful, But the Strain Was Too Much For Me tagged me to post the tenth photo in the first folder of my pictures and tell the story behind it, I thought, “Well, dang!  I can do THAT!”

Sort of.

After I finished laughing at the implication that I might actually HAVE my pictures in folders, I gave some serious thought as to how to go about it.  This computer keyboard is crumb-free, which means it’s still new.  I’m not good at transferring data, so it contains only the pictures that I’ve taken in the last year.

Considering that TTPT pulled out her prom picture from 1965,  I couldn’t just post a picture of my backyard dogwood trees in 2009.  I did find a few pictures that I had e-mailed myself from my old computer, so I’m going to count those as Folder No. 1 and show you the tenth photo in that group.

Let me tell you the background story first.

Daughter Pogo and her family were visiting us at the beach a couple of years ago and she wanted to take some photos of her three little chaps by the ocean.  I went along to help her with Elmo, who was not yet walking.  He was crawling, though, so getting around was no problem for him.

This first picture is not THE picture, but simply setting the stage.  I had  my own pocket camera with me and took this shot of my kid taking pictures of her kids while I sat farther up the dry sand with baby Elmo, trying to keep him clean until it was his turn.

I love the picture, which is why I wanted it on my new computer.

Elmo is the baby of the family.  Our daughter had dressed the other two boys in definite “little guy” clothes from infancy.  No round collars, no knee socks, no smocked rompers.

She decided that all of that was going to change with Son #3 .  This little one was going to wear some of those precious clothes.  She wanted him to stay a baby as long as she could manage it.

That brings me to the tenth photo in that group.

Elmo had no problem making his opinions known.  It was his last smocked romper.

14 thoughts on “Smocked? I Think Not!

  1. What a Face!!…..did Elmo realize that he looks like a beautiful little girl?….
    I wouldn’t show him that when he gets older….

  2. cw

    LOLOLOL…… that picture of ‘elmo’ is worth a bazillion words!!! :):) Please tell us you have it framed and sitting in a prominent place at both abodes!:) Oh my, it is priceless!!!:):)

  3. Think there will be a similar expression on Elmo’s face when that picture is shown to his future wife. Priceless.
    Will have to check out TTPT, the title is intriguing.

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