Rain at the Beach? Check Your Options:

Dearly Beloved has been here  since Monday.  Long walks on the sunny beach, golf, snoozing on the deck.

I arrived last night.  So did the clouds and the rain.

I hope nobody is blaming me.

What do people do on a rainy March day at the beach?  Option 1:  nap.

Option 2: feeding the seagulls.

Option 3: taking a walk in the rain.

Option 4: surfing–for the brave or foolhardy.  They surf in snow, so rain is no problem, I suppose.

Oops… I meant THIS guy.

Option 5:

THE STUMBLING ISLANDER:  sugared rum, coconut rum, light rum, dark rum, vanilla vodka,  with pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine.

Option 5 followed quickly by Option 1.


8 thoughts on “Rain at the Beach? Check Your Options:

  1. Jincey

    If you become a stumbling islander, please ask DB to memorialize the occasion with a camera. THAT’s a photo we’d all like to see!

  2. Count me in on all of them except the surfing. And change my drink order. I think that Island Stumbler would be too sweet for my taste.

    Can’t believe you left out reading on the balcony.

  3. Too bad the rain has followed you, but you seem to be a person who can make the best of any situation. Try to get the recipe for the Island Stumbler for the bartender.

  4. Hi….I woldn’t care if there was a tornado I would rather be at the beach then anyplace else….rain… snow…. a tsunami….just give me sand…
    Send me a picture of the front of the house and I’ll make an uneducated suggestion of what color door you need…..

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