Say WHAT??

We have a running discussion around here about whether to have our air ducts professionally cleaned.   I’m sure I’m dusting construction particles from the remodeling we did several years ago.  The construction crew–the Apple Dumpling Gang– had little interest in containing their mess.  There was construction dust in drawers and on clothes hanging in closets at the other end of the house.  Even though we have had a new heating/air system installed since then, I believe it gets too dusty, too fast around here.  Dearly Beloved insists that having the vents cleaned is unnecessary and would make no difference in the dust.

He was talking to a neighbor recently and mentioned our difference of opinion about this.  These neighbors did some remodeling last summer and have had similar discussions about cleaning the ducts.  She shares my opinion while our husbands are united in their certainty of uselessness of such a project.  In fact, the neighbor even quoted DB as his expert source in his discussion with the wife.  (This because DB claims to have checked with professionals about this, meaning he asked the heating/air guy.  I’ll bet I could talk to a duct cleaning professional and get a different opinion.)

That led them into a discussion of “honeydew” lists in general, wives, retirement, and how there is always something we want them to do.

Now, few of our friends and neighbors read or even know about this blog.  They don’t spend time on the computer and this wouldn’t be a priority even if they did. Imagine DB’s surprise, then, when the neighbor shook his head and lamented,

“Well, at least your wife calls you Dearly Beloved.  Mine calls me ASSHOLE!”


13 thoughts on “Say WHAT??

  1. LOL! You are truly Queen of the Punchline. I love it!! I used to frequent a chatroom for mothers and we all use DH to refer to our spouses. My husb said: what does DH stand for? Damn Him? Well, he knows me well, that I cannot deny.

  2. Well, I am a male – so I guess you can group me with the rest of them. But I have done a lot of construction in my life so here’s the truth and I have nothing vested in putting you on. There may have been an initial batch of crud in your ducts after construction, but that should have gone away within days of the completion. The important thing is to keep a clean airfilter so that no new particles can build up on the ones that are already there.

  3. Lol love the punch line! We’ve never had our air ducts professionally cleaned but I get so much dust right away on all my furniture, no matter if I just dusted the day before, it’s ridiculous. I’ve always wondered if having the air ducts cleaned out would make a difference. I’m told that having carpets can cause the dust so I’m looking forward to having the living room carpet removed and wood floors put in soon…we’ll see then if it makes a difference. xoxo

  4. Tee hee.

    Now to the subject at hand, of air duct cleaning–sorry, I’m gonna vote with DB.

    What about the microscreen type filters on your heating/cooling system? That seems to make a big difference here.

  5. We had our air ducts cleaned when the new furnace was installed. I negotiated a “free” cleaning as part of the installation…just to start fresh, you know. Anyway, I was amazed at the stuff they pulled out of our ducts. However, I cannot really say that it has made much difference in the amount of dust that builds up on a weekly basis. Maybe it is like a colonoscopy. Things get cleaned out, you get to know they are all clear, and then the process starts all over again.

  6. Here in West Texas, we call it a Collection and don’t dare touch it or move items it Collects on. However, when it has collected enough signatures, slogans and notes we reluctantly get out the Pledge. It goes something like this….I Pledge allegiance to the Rag that wipes the dust…a couple of times a year or when the Hi Honey notes end with … ‘Today, ButtHead’!!!

  7. We spent a weekend with husband’s brother and his (now ex-) wife when our youngest daughter was about 4. When we left, she wrote xoxoxo in the dust atop the bookcase headboard in the room where she slept.

    Sister-in-law did not feel the love.

  8. Never really thought about the spouses of bloggers. Poor devils.
    Love your daughters subtle? message. Who can get mad at a 4 year old. You would just have to grin and get out the dust cloths.

  9. I think i’d leave the message there as a nice keepsake..I do not make time to dust unless someone is visiting and I know they will notice! If you get them cleaned, let me know if it is worth it. THey charge about 300 to do it…I have noticed great improvement in my sneezing if I change the furnace filter monthly. My neighbors put in a system that adds moisture to the air- they don’t seem to have much dust, but it is like being in a sauna when we visit. How many germs live in the sauna vs in my innocent dust messages….

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