11 thoughts on “20 Years to Life

  1. Oh true true.
    On all counts–the “I will respect your privacy and not blog about you” bit…
    The “not on your life will I stop worrying about you” bit…
    Nailed it.

    1. Never goes away.
      You believed that stuff about the sun causing wrinkles? Nope. It’s worrying about your kids. Scientists don’t want that information to get out–they’re afraid that folks will eat their young.

  2. I srly lurv you. I hope your children don’t mind my saying this. You do need to give ppl some warning since I am sitting here with tears and snots on the crowded commuter train with no Kleenex. (No, I will NOT wipe my nose with my sleeves, my mama has taught me well!) When I came to the part with your mama standing by the window, I could sense the tears coming. Exactly because I know how I will be forever worried about my children, I know that’s exactly how my mother has been spending her days 7000+ miles away, and the knowledge only makes the guilt worse. A mother to a mother. I called her and apologized for what a spoiled brat I have been all my life as soon as I tasted that bitter sweet taste only a mother understands. The title of this post says so much and the best part is: you get an a-ha moment when you get to the end. Love it! (I need to find some other ways to express myself I know. For now, please bear with the repetition…)

  3. What a beautiful and poignant post. I am totally in tune with every word. I can’t imagine a time when I won’t worry about my grown-up children. I love your mother’s spunk and suspect you inherited some of it. Great post, giving us all pause to think about the important things in life…our families.

  4. suesue

    I think the truest thing I ever read about motherhood was “having a child was deciding to have your heart walking around outside your body forever” (or something close to that). Wonderful post-thank you!

    1. Hi, I love this quote that you left here that I included it in my latest post. I hope you don’t mind. It is a lovely quote. One that takes my breath away.

  5. Oh yes, how right you are, mothers will NEVER stop worrying about their children, no matter what age or how far they are. Just the other day I told my mom that I had gone for a drive to take pictures on some roads I had never been on before and right away she said…oh I hope you’re being careful and not going anywhere dangerous or let anything happen to you”! I’m 52 years old…but still she worries:-) My sons are 31 and 28 and no matter that they have their own lives, one has a child and wife, the other has a girlfriend, they both have great jobs…I still worry. We can’t help ourselves:-) xoxo

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