I THINK It’s Pink

Then again, PINK may be too wimpy a word for this building.

I don’t know any of the residents, but I’d bet that the men who live there are secure enough to eat quiche.

I wonder how the developer marketed the condo units….   SEE THE CITY THROUGH ROSE COLORED GLASSES!      WANT TO FEEL IN THE PINK?


One strong selling point of the building was its unobstructed view of the city skyline.  Reports of pending construction of another condo building in front of it– which would block the uptown view for most of the pink condo building residents–has made them see red.

Perhaps the developer never promised them a rose garden.

My only personal knowledge of the building is that it has (or had) a very kind building superintendent.  Once I was in our veterinarian’s waiting room with a woman who said her cat had fallen off a balcony at the pink building.  She had gone out of town and left her pet in someone else’s care there.   The “sitter” put the cat on the balcony and it fell–seven stories.   The building superintendent happened upon the badly injured cat next to the building  that night and without knowing who it belonged to, took it to the emergency animal clinic.  The woman returned to find her cat missing.  She had just learned of its whereabouts and had rushed to the clinic and was waiting to talk to the vet about whether or not the cat had internal injuries.

When I went over to take some evening pictures of the building this evening,  a woman was outside walking a three-legged dog.   I didn’t ask any questions!

The windows of surrounding buildings look they’re filled with cotton candy. White cars take on a Mary Kay tint.  Even the pavement looks like it’s been colored with pink chalk.

At night, however, the building is transformed.   When residents turn on their lights, the pink disappears and the glass looks clear to those on the outside.   In the interest of modesty, I hope the residents realize that.

Let Pink Floyd  sing about the dark side of the moon.  We don’t need to see it!

*Beverly of How Sweet the Sound kindly included this in her Pink Saturday listings.


27 thoughts on “I THINK It’s Pink

  1. suesue

    I have to admit I love the building! Don’t know about at night though!! Have a wonderful pink week and thanks for sharing!

  2. suesue

    I had to go back a read some more of your posts-they’re so, so funny! You certainly made me smile early this morning!! thanks!

  3. Can’t you just imagine the ‘Leasing Agreement’…
    I agree to: having a PinkPoodle, driving a PinkCaddy, drinking PinkPussycats and using PinkPussycat Litter in the Pink Litterbox….now in the Pink Laundry Room. Welcome to Pink Saturday! I so enjoyed reading your blog…I’m a knitter and knitted during the Curling…and found the Curling to be the best event for getting the most knitting done in the YarnHarlots Olympic Challenge. That or catching some ZZZZZZZ’s. It’s good to know that Curling has Converts…I couldn’t Hang, but I sure could have Snacked and Knitted!

  4. Well—it would make it easy for people to locate you and once inside, one would never notice the pink. However, that open view through the unshaded windows is a bit much. It is definitely not a building for introverts.
    Could Mary Kay own a whole building??

  5. Welcome to Pink Saturday! What an interesting building. I bet it makes for some interesting conversations! And you may have just made it famous for putting it on Pink Saturday. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. I can’t help it, I LIKE it! With all my inside pinks, they haven’t gotten to the outside…yet! But my son says Pink is like a disease at our house…it’s taking over!
    What a great post for your first Pink Saturday! Welcome!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. I personally think the building is cool! Love the history you shared, it’s not like anything else I’ve seen on a pink Saturday post! Welcome, by the way! Marcia

  8. What a unique post! I love the look of the building and the cars taking on that MaryKay look! I had a dear friend who drove that pink blush cadillac from MK! Classy car!

    Those giant high rise tick off lots of folks! There is a new one here in Denver and it really looking up to the sky! It is the glass building and I guess the view from the top is something else!

    Happy Pink Saturday here & welcome! Come join me, I love new followers and I have a double giveaway tonight!

  9. Very interesting, I must say I have never seen a building that color. I definitely think it qualifies for Pink Saturday. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday! I am so glad to have met you. Vicki

  10. Gail

    I have to say, I like the pink building. I thought at first it was copper. I would not mind seeing it out my window, it just has to make one take a double look and then a smile. We need more happy things these days.
    Welcome to PS

  11. I loved the pink building,specially at night. It’s really pretty. Welcome to Pink Saturday,you will love all the pinkies you meet. Hope you have a great weekend.

  12. What a unique building! Thanks for sharing the pictures of it with us. Like it or not, it made me smile. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. Yup it most definitely is pink. Where is it exactly? Loved your story about Tippy, the grapefruits and your AARP outing. I will be following.

  14. Pink is such an attention-getting, and thus controversial color, on a building. Abrupt. There is a pink hotel on the western shore of Maui which is great for finding your way around but not so kind to the skyline. DonCeasar at St. Pete Beach stands out, some say like a sore thumb. I didn’t realize the curtains that we used were seethrough at night with light shining from inside until after we sold the house: we drove by it for nostalgia’s sake and saw the new owner kept the curtains, we also SAW the new owner, thru the curtains!! I am still horrified to this day…

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