The Shrinkage Factor Redux

Before another smart aleck asks me how I happened to have a well-used tube of Preparation H on hand for yesterday’s post on the SC peach butt water tower, let me explain….

That is no ordinary tube of Preparation H.  It speaks French.

Years ago there was  Everybody Loves Raymond episode where mother-in-law Marie told Debra that the bags under her eyes looked bad and suggested  that Debra apply a little Preparation H to shrink them.    Shortly after that, I read a column in the newspaper in which someone asked whether Preparation H would really work on bags under the eyes.  The answer was something like, “Maybe so, but it has to contain Bio-Dyne, which is an ingredient not approved by the FDA and thus not included in the American product.

It isn’t that the FDA found it dangerous, but that they found it served no purpose.  My guess is that they weren’t testing it for facial application.

Nevertheless, with two such irrefutable sources as an advice column and a fictional obnoxious mother-in-law on a TV sitcom, I decided I must have a tube of the miracle drug.  It is contained in the tubes sold in Canada.   A  Canadian friend sent a tube with the magic ingredient and that’s the one in the photo,  its label in English and French.

Yes, I applied it underneath my eyes, even though I didn’t really have bags in the first place;  I had dark circles.  Even Marie Romano didn’t claim it helped under-eye shadows, but nonetheless I applied it for awhile as potential puffiness preventative.

Maybe it doesn’t matter when it’s being applied where the sun don’t shine, but the scent of it is definite not facial, so I tossed it in a drawer and forgot about it until I was writing yesterday’s post.

Sorry that I can’t give the definitive answer on whether or not it shrinks bags under  eyes.  Now that I think of it, there are other places I’d rather have shrinkage and I do still have half a tube left.

I’ll apply some to my thighs for a few days and get back to you.


7 thoughts on “The Shrinkage Factor Redux

  1. I’m so glad that mystery was cleared up! And thanks for sharing! (Cracking up over here and my kids want to know what’s so funny!)

  2. I remember that Everybody Loves Raymond episode! lol Quite a few celebrities use Preparation H for the bags under their eyes. The first one I heard that uses it was Shania Twain:-) I didn’t realize that here in Canada we have the needed extra ingredients in our tubes, how interesting! xo

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