It’s Peachy, but. . . !

Darwin, Minnesota displays the largest twine ball,  Asheville, NC  is proud of the Biltmore House,  New York City has the Statue of Liberty,  and Gaffney South Carolina proudly displays its water tower.

THIS water tower:

I-85N view of Gaffney, SC water tower

It’s one of those landmarks folks driving on I-85 through upstate South Carolina aren’t likely to miss.

Georgia is the Peach State and South Carolina is the Palmetto State, but folks in SC  grow and sell a great many more peaches than palmettos. There are indeed some fine peaches in South Carolina (not taking anything away from Georgia’s peaches!)  and the water tower reminds tourists of that–just in case they overlook the numerous billboards along the interstate.

I’d never seen the tower up close and personal.  It is not the side trip a husband would consider,  but on this trip, since I was alone, I decided to do exactly that.  I turned down the service road, drove past this schoolhouse (not in session)  and  around the next curve,  I came upon the big peach.

Possum Trot Schoolhouse

I parked in a nearby restaurant parking lot and walked over get a closer look.  No one else was around.

The water tower loomed large, casting its sassy peach shadow over the landscape, an homage to summer fruit.

Up close and personal.

Standing almost underneath that shiny water tower was overwhelming.   I wanted to leave an offering at its base.

This came to mind: